November 30, 2022


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Wedding ring found in the bush after Hurricane Ian - VG

Wedding ring found in the bush after Hurricane Ian – VG

Discovery: A Florida woman found her wedding ring outside her home after Hurricane Ian swept through the area.

Ashley Garner lost her wedding ring just days before Hurricane Ian hit her home last week.

The woman thought she was lost forever at that time Hurricane Ian She swept her home in Fort Myers in the middle of last week.

The husband and their three children had easily lost their wedding ring, which Garner lost outside the home.

– I had to accept that it was gone forever, and told myself that it was just a replaceable thing. Garner tells the news agency I gave up because we knew the hurricane was coming AP.

Consequences of the hurricane in Florida huge. The number of deaths recorded now reaches 119 NPR.

The Garner family stayed indoors as the worst in their area continued. When the hurricane passed, they went out to clean up.

In place: Ashley Garner put the ring back in place.

They had been there for about ten minutes when Garner’s husband made an unexpected find in the brush by the garage.

There, in a pile of twigs and leaves, was the ring, says Ashley Garner.

It maintains that their area is not among the worst affected, but that the winds force allegedly 160 km/h caused some damage.

– I sat on the sidewalk and prayed to God. I thanked him for giving us a sign of hope in the community, says Garner.

In the midst of all this tragedy, there is a small glimmer of light. Previously VG Male Volunteers who contribute to the clean-up and rescue work, as well as the four-legged and four-legged animals that have survived the powerful forces of nature.

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