Weedwet, pride | The youth allegedly stole the pride flag and burnt it

Weedwet, pride |  The youth allegedly stole the pride flag and burnt it

– We have received information that some youths took down the pride flag from the flagpole in Whiteweed and burnt the flag, writes police in X.

Later that evening, police reported a large water leak at the Weedwood Center, which they suspect was caused by a small fire.

– Police say we are looking into witness statements to see if they could be the same youths we are looking at in connection with the vandalism at the Weedwood Centre.

Witness information and other clues mean they are looking for two boys and two girls in connection with the two cases.

– We have several patrolmen in the area working on different tasks in the investigation.

Just before 10 p.m., police say they have four youths in custody suspected of being involved in both the Weedwood Center fire and the Pride flag burning.

– Descriptions match and we continue to work on gathering more information.

We are updating the case.

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