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Omslaget til «Vi er ikke her for å ha det morsomt» og forfatter Nina Lykke

Previously, Nina Lecke showed us the inherent foolishness of Norwegian society through glasses. the doctors And the teachers.

This time the Norwegian literary spirit will be cleaned­pond. Who chose to clean?­the work?

Say hello to Knut A. Pettersen! author. Well at fifty­the years.

He hasn’t been able to write anything properly for years. He is still remembered for his third novel to which he refers “The Famous Book”.

In contrast, he has recently testified to being portrayed as abusive by a younger writer.

And she was invited to sit on a panel that includes the country’s greatest literature­Festival in Lillehammer. It’s moving relentlessly towards confrontation in Gudbrandsdals­View portal!

Nach in the hotel

Before the settlement time approaches, we will also take a look at everything else that can be said to belong to the standard­List of Norwegian literature­festival in 2020.

Samer Nisawiyat in the transient veil­People mumbling Kenyan poets – they all meet over a sausage at the Dagbladet party and at the Breiseth’s nachspiel.

Cranky programs must lead endless rows of ill-prepared literary conversations­Leaders, in front of an audience that can’t stop staring at their cell phones.

And future archivists who wonder how our age faded will find a rich resource­Presentation in this novel.

different facts

But there is also another truth about this cultural figure accused of abuse. This fact is concerned about Knut’s ex-wife Lynn. She knows he is incapable of harassing anything.

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exactly the contrary. He was, and always is, a womanizer He chooses completely voluntarily.

two facts­Thus the descriptions stand against each other.

Was Knut a fairly ordinary person with strengths and weaknesses­It is called on the receding front, like­The wife knows it is – HIs it a horned lizard, It has also appeared in thousands of copies by Virkelighets­Author’s novel?

Tattooed at a sausage party

But what about culture?­woman? Have you given enough attention?­similarity?

What a woman­The roles available in literary and media novels in our time? Is it that women tend to become victims? What, then, is the task of literature?

Nina Lykke contributes some new variants: a young, drunk, tattooed, no-nonsense woman at a sausage party. strategic reality­A writer who puts himself in the position of the victim to build his literary career.

The nuances of happiness through caricature. That’s her strategy, and she’s getting pretty close with it.

These provocations are amazing­horizontal message. It should be possible to show off and talk about this kind of ladies. This must be done with the help of the above­drives. This is the task of art. Speak completely freely. all­Gardening can be done in the so-called reality. The artist is not here to enjoy!

So the question is finally to what extent this would technically be successful. The answer to that, in this novel as well, is that reading is a bit of a mixed enjoyment. Some dialogues sit like a snapshot. Others do not.

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Shoots from the hip

That’s a culture­The man was to be hanged with both of them for­name and surname­In a Norwegian novel, the name isn’t quite right – and it’s a central premise in the story.

Perhaps, I guess I should say maybe, I could also have gotten a somewhat more accurate picture of Knut’s murderous woman when they finally meet on stage.

But this is in­The twists and turns do not overshadow the joy I feel because Norwegian literature has Nina Lecke.

It’s a hammock­An artist balances on a narrow line – no certainty­agitation­Clear. she is polite­The fool who says it like it is. baby on­Points to open­Just. This makes it a gift­Pack for anyone who feels a little on the compliance side.

Nina Lecke wrote an epic for Strangers.


I read and review the literature at NRK. Please also read my review of “Kairos” Written by Jenny Erpenbeck, “hereafter” Abdul Razzaq Jarna or Franz Kafka “the operation” Translated by John Foss.

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