Wesley Brownlee is suspected of being the serial mother of California – VG

Wesley Brownlee is suspected of being the serial mother of California - VG
Abroad: 43-year-old Wesley Brownlee was arrested Saturday morning. Police said he was armed and “hunting out”.

SAN FRANCISCO (VG) After chasing a serial killer for months, police arrested Brownlee, 43, on Saturday. They allegedly caught him red-handed: in search of a new victim.


Earlier this fall, police in California reported that five men were shot dead in the same area in Stockton, California, USA.

All five were surprised all alone in the dark, between July 8 and September 27 this year.

A sixth murder in April last year was linked to the same suspected perpetrator.

None of the victims were robbed, and none of them had anything to do with gangs or drug dealing.

Police later confirmed that they were chasing a serial killer.

– out fishing

Weeks ago, a lovable surveillance photo of a man in a black uniform with a black hat was spread around the world.

On Saturday morning, Wesley Brownlee was stopped by police.

He was driving around Stockton, armed with a pistol.

Weapon: According to police, Brownlee was armed with this weapon, wearing dark clothing with a mask around his neck, when he was arrested.

– He was out hunting, says Police Chief Stanley MacFadden.

He says the police followed up the 43-year-old after receiving information from the public.

He is said to have acted in an intimidating manner, including by stopping in “dark places and in parks,” looking around, and then driving, according to the police chief.

– He was out to get killed, says McFadden.

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Brownlee was arrested near the scene of several murders. He was dressed in dark clothes and had a mask around his neck. In addition, he was armed, according to the police.

– We are sure we stopped another murder, says the police chief.

– The city could sleep a little better last night. Kevin Lincoln, mayor of Stockton, says residents shouldn’t look over their shoulders in fear.

The homeless woman did not feel heard

Police say Brownlee has a criminal record, but did not give details on Saturday.

The motive for the murders remains unknown, but many of the victims were homeless. The police believe he deliberately wanted to kill them.

It is reported that 46-year-old Natasha Latour was shot by Brownlee on April 16 this year, but survived.

Homeless, living in a tent on the street, she was converted by murder six days after Brownlee’s first victim was found dead.

Latour said she believes the next five murders could have been prevented if the police had taken her story seriously.

The woman says she was shot at least nine times, by a masked man who said nothing.

She said in an interview with 209 times The police did not contact her during the twelve days they were in the hospital. She must have called the police herself.

Five people died because they did not listen to me, the woman claims.

While searching: These images were released while searching for Brownlee.

These are the victims

Stockton is located south of the state capital, Sacramento, and has a population of about 350,000. At Saturday’s press conference, a minute of silence was observed for the victims.

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homeless car mechanic Juan Vazquez Serrano (39) He is said to have been Brownlee’s first victim, in Auckland on April 10 last year.

to me San Francisco Chronicle He was out biking at 4 in the morning when he was shot and killed.

Natacha Latour (46) The attempted murder was said to have taken place on 16 April.

homeless too Paul Yao (35) He was killed on July 8 this year. In a Facebook post, the mother described him as a man with a big heart.

In less than seven weeks, Brownlee is said to have killed four people:

Salvador Debodi Jr (43) To be Brownlee’s third victim. He was killed on August 11, while camping on the Calaveras River. The man who loved art and music left behind four children.

Brownlee’s youngest victim, Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez (21), He was said to have been shot and killed on August 30. According to the newspaper Sacramento bee Rodriguez was shot while sitting in a car, near Brownlee’s last known registered address.

52 years Juan Cruz had become He was killed on September 21, while Lawrence Lopez Sr. (54) Reportedly, she was the series’ mother’s latest victim on September 27.

Several US media reports said Brownlee would stand trial on Tuesday.

PSST! Brownlee isn’t the only suspected serial killer to have been arrested in the United States recently. In August, a man was arrested for the murder of four Muslims in New Mexico.

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