– We’ve Been Bad For So Long – Culture & Entertainment NRK

– We’ve Been Bad For So Long – Culture & Entertainment NRK

Stian Bleib is one of the most famous comedians and presenters in Norway. Additionally, in recent years he has been pivotal to the “Nerdelandslaget” podcast, a podcast about computer games.

He has always been seen as a joyous evangelist and showman.

But on this night to regret Tell him about dark thoughts and despair.

It was this summer when he noticed that something wasn’t right.

Here there are feelings and thoughts in the head that should not exist. He says I was depressed.

The head is in ruins

For Blipp, it started with going straight to the ground. It turned out to be a massive panic attack. He himself did not understand what happened.

– I thought I was going to die of a heart attack, says General Bergen.

The ambulance came and Bleb was taken care of.

– But from that day forward, the body and the head are in utter ruin. It’s hard to move, I have dark thoughts, and it’s a terrible presence, he says.

But he doesn’t tell anyone.

Another perspective on life

At first, Blipp doesn’t want to admit to himself that he needs help. He does not see himself as a man who has depression or panic attacks.

But when he realizes that this is part of him now, he does something for which he is very grateful.

– I started going to a psychiatrist. I’ve been bad for so long, just didn’t quite understand it myself. He says that since I started talking about it, and researching it, things have gone a lot better.

I feel like I’ve gained a completely different perspective on life, a different understanding of what it means to be in this damned situation. When you’re at it, you think: I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

He saw himself in the area

The focus on mental health comes hand-in-hand with musician Michele Olistad, who was also a guest at Lindmo Tonight, and spoke about when she got her postpartum depression He was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

For Lepp, the psychological blow was unleashed when he became a father for the second time.

Then he was reminded of his difficult childhood. Childhood he describes as “King Kong” is difficult and not quite.

He changed school several times, and often felt a strong sense of unease. Among other things, Blipp doesn’t want to go into details here and now.

– When I had my first child, everything went well. Then I gave birth to my son. I think it was an invisible key to a lock I had locked, installed and tossed overboard, he says.

Because Bleep saw himself in his own area.

– He’s just like me. Then I realized how disgraceful this was.

Gutar opens

Recently, many men have spoken honestly about their mental health.

Through last year’s “Hodet i klemme” series, we saw that even strong people can cry and be vulnerable.

Influencer Dennis Pope recently opened up to his followers that he needs to get one break from work To focus on your body and your health. This summer he was sexually abused.

Last week, comedian and presenter Jones Joseph, among others, spoke about meeting the Wall.

There was an atmosphere of tears in the studio when he told Jeunesse why he was staying away from the spotlight.

Being weak is good

In addition, the artist Issa is coming out with a new song in which he sings about his challenges.

I’m talking about something I haven’t talked about much before, which is suffering from anxiety and depression, as he explained when he was a guest on the radio show. Arena last week.

NRK scene, Issa

The artist Issa will encourage men to talk about their feelings.

Photo: Paal Ritter Schjerven/NRK

He hopes the song will encourage the boys to talk about their problems:

– I think guys struggle to talk about these things. Isa says: I want to show that it is okay to say that one feels weak, but you also have to realize that you are doing your best.

It’s easier to talk about feelings now

According to psychologist Tommy Sotkajervi, there was more room for boys to talk about feelings.

Many men are open about their weakness, or feeling inadequate, and modern women are looking for modern, vulnerable, emotionally qualified men, says the psychologist.

At the same time, he wonders whether we have fully succeeded in following what we say and how we deal with boys and men.

Qualities such as competition, mastery, and power are still closely associated with normative masculine traits in a number of areas of boys’ lives and relationships.

Psychologist Tommy Sutkairvi

Psychologist Tommy Sotkajarvi believes that the most important conversation you can have is with those closest to you.


It is important to tell those close to you

Sotkajærvi is positive that large profiles show their feelings because it is a good way to normalize feelings.

Seeing people we know well, or who might be someone we look up to to be vulnerable, is a way of expanding the space in society for things that aren’t always ‘okay’.

At the same time, we must realize that there is a difference between telling the world that you are going through a difficult time, and telling the people closest to you.

A difficult but close interpersonal meeting occurs with people who are important to you. It happens face to face.

We see to regret On NRK 1 on Friday at 21.25 or whenever you want on NRK TV

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