We’ve been looking forward to Intel video cards – now exposed

We've been looking forward to Intel video cards - now exposed

Intel published a press release outlining how they plan to release Arc gaming video cards. Unfortunately, we have to settle access to video cards on the desktop a little later than initially thought.

AI Super Sampling and DirectX 12 Ultimate

While video cards for laptops follow the plan with a launch in the first quarter of 2022, it has now been decided to postpone video cards for desktop computers until later this year. Their new release date will be in the second quarter of 2022, despite the fact that they were first planned for the first quarter, similar to the more compact video cards finding their way into laptops, possibly around the same time as the XII. Alder Lake processors.

Practically speaking, this means a longer wait for those of us who have been looking forward to seeing what Intel has to offer when they introduce their first generation Alchemist GPU, which will support hardware-based ray tracing, network shaders, variable rate shaders and DirectX 12 Ultimate, as well as to the super-assembly technology controlled by artificial intelligence.

The ‘end game of the project’ has been revealed.

The press release also displays a roadmap showing that they are beginning to develop the third-generation Arc architecture, codenamed Celestial – the currency of the so-called “ultra-zealous chip”. In addition to the second generation codenamed Battlemage.

Other news from Intel revealed “Project Endgame” – an upcoming service title in which machine power for Arc video cards is being introduced as a cloud-based solution. We will continue to develop this service, otherwise not many details have been shared yet.

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