What happened to Mohamed Salah?

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Some fans joked about whether Mohamed Salah was on the field in front of Arsenal, and at times it seemed he was barely visible.

At 2-2, after 69 minutes, the 30-year-old was substituted. Unusual fare when Liverpool strive for goals and victory.

In fact, it was only the third time this season that last year’s top scorer Jurgen Klopp has been replaced.

Japanese wall: Arsenal defender Taikiru Tomiasso did well to dominate Mohamed Salah in London on Sunday.

Salah exited after 64 minutes as the Reds were crushed by Napoli on September 7. Before that we have to go back to the 89th minute of the Community Shield against Manchester City in July. Both matches were decided when the Egyptian came out.

There was little to complain about against Arsenal. The 30-year-old had just 27 touches against the league leaders. Only one of them was in a box. By comparison, Bukayo Saka had 10.

Salah hit a ball far from Aaron Ramsdale’s goal and that was it.

downward curve

It ended up with a lot of criticism and a focus on right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold. But what about the rest of the right side?

Last year, Salah threw his performance as he usually does. No one in the Premier League has contributed more goals (23) or more (13). He won the Player of the Year award, and after Sadio Mane left the ship, he finally signed a new three-year contract.

So far he’s two goals and three assists, and all in all it might seem that his numbers are on the way to dropping.

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telegraph Take a closer look at this. Here, it may seem as though Salah’s role in the team has also changed somewhat, with contact with the ball greatly increased instead of in/around the penalty area.

Additionally, there were some outliers, like here in the derby against Everton in September:

Salah goal / match

2017/18: 0.99
2018/19: 0.61
2019/20: 0.59
2020/21: 0.64
2021/22: 0.75
2022/23: 0.25

Salah / Match Expiry

2017/18: 4.33
2018/19: 3.79
2019/20: 4.12
2020/21: 3.68
2021/22: 4.53
2022/23: 2.96

Salah expiry per goal/match

2017/18: 2.06
2018/19: 1.77
2019/20: 1.84
2020/21: 1.52
2021/22: 1.96
2022/23: 0.9

Create Salah / Match Chances

2017/18: 1.91
2018/19: 1.88
2019/20: 1.9
2020/21: 1.67
2021/22: 2.05
2022/23: 3.35

Decline since the African Nations Cup

Then it should be noted that there was a trend in numbers before Sadio Mane left the club, with the changes that ensue.

On February 6, 2022, Senegal and Sadio Mane beat Mohamed Salah and Egypt in the final of the African Cup of Nations. After the first half of the season caught fire, things went wrong for Salah on British soil.

Although he became the team’s top scorer, Mo only scored four times in his last 20 games last season. If we include the start of this match, the goal machine stands with eight goals in the last 31 games.

Jason Burt asks in The Telegraph if Salah has fallen victim to the team’s problems, particularly those of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Mane’s loss.

However, Mohamed Salah, who also scored in the home encounter, could set a new record for away goals against Rangers on Wednesday.

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You can see how it goes on TV 2 Sport 1 / Play.

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