What is Google thinking now this fall?

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Something will happen on October 6.

Google is preparing to release new devices on October 6. We’ve even been invited to join a team somewhere in Oslo, but exactly what they’re going to release here in Norway they haven’t been open about.

Graphics featured in Elkjøp and Telia For the sake of fussing about the launch, we’re not wise either. Could a picture frame have something to do with photography, perhaps with a mobile phone camera?

On the other hand, this can also stand for a digital picture frame, for example in the form of the Nest Hub Max, or the long-rumored Pixel Tablet.

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It could also represent something completely different, so let’s take a look at what Google itself says about launching it internationally.

Before the summer, Google could confirm that they were finally in the field with a smartwatch – the Pixel Watch. They also announced that this will be released during the fall, hence preferably with new smartphones in the form of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

And that’s exactly what will be launched on October 6. Among the details, we only know that Pixel 7 models will run Android 13 and have Google’s next-generation Tensor processor, while it has borrowed expertise from Fitbit to make the Pixel Watch something fitness and health-friendly.

Also, they just released a video indicating some design options.

But what is interesting is whether the Pixel products will be officially launched in Norway this time.

After all, the mobile is now in its seventh generation, but until now it has not been possible to get it here in Norway in the usual way.

As usual, Google has been modest about the information, without saying anything other than that they have no information about this at the moment.

What we are sure of at least is that even we are here on the mountain we will be able to get something new in the smart home category.

Then, of course, we think about Nest-branded products – as there may be a question about a new product LoudspeakerA bigger hub, a new doorbell, a new camera, or a more powerful wireless router.

The latter already has a popular article of its own, and if that’s true, we’ll definitely be getting products with W-Fi 6E, the “new and hot” thing in wireless technology right now.

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Other than that, we report that the handsome and clever Nest Protect smoke detector has been the “second generation” for more than seven years now, but frankly, we’re not sure what could easily be improved — if not making the grade smarter without becoming less certain.

Regardless, we’re patiently waiting for any October 6th launch date.

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