January 30, 2023


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What the weather will be like: - Christmas is covered with snow:

What the weather will be like: – Christmas is covered with snow:

The most beautifully settled snow on the slopes off the coasts of eastern Norway and Finmark on Wednesday, December 22 was in most places until Christmas Eve. Meteorologists wrote on Twitter that there had been snowfall this week in western Norway and central Norway.

– A good snowfall is expected, including the second day of Christmas. Especially in the Trøndelag and Møre o Romsdal areas, state meteorologist Geir Ottar tells Fagerlid Dagbladet.

He says there will be heavy snowfall in some parts of central Norway and several tens of centimeters of snow.

– It’s dense with Christmas snow, and here it’s very snowy Christmas, says Fakerlit.

– Who gets the best Christmas weather?

– Østafjells and Vestlandet, south of Nordfjord, get plenty of sun, and some places have snow, so there may be very good weather here. But if there is a large amount of snow you are looking for, the state meteorologist responds that it has the best Christmas weather in central Norway and northern Norway.

Central Norway: – Lots of snow

On Christmas Eve, snow and zero below 4-7 degrees were reported in Trondheim.

– The southern parts of Møre o Romsdal and Trøndelag will receive heavy snowfall over the next 48 hours. If you live in the area, snow removal will be a daily activity until the third day of Christmas, meteorologists write on Twitter.

On the first day of Christmas, the sun is reported in Trontheim until 3pm, plus plus one degrees throughout the day. Also the second day of Christmas has been reported plus one degree.

However, on Tuesday, December 28, it will be eight cold again in Trondheim.

Western Norway: Moderate weather during Christmas

In Stavanger, there is more than an hour of sun in the sky over the capital on Christmas Eve – until 4pm, with light winds blowing from the Northeast until 2pm, and temperatures throughout Christmas Eve range from 1 to 3 degrees Celsius. .

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For Westerners, the state meteorologist says there will not be much snow at Christmas.

– Fakerlitt says it will rain widely until the second day of Christmas and in western Norway.

When we come to the 4th and 5th of Christmas, he says the forecast is very uncertain.

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– But he says it will be mild in western Norway during Christmas.

This weekend, the afternoon will be minus degrees in Stavanger. On the first and second day of Christmas nothing more than two minus the cold was reported. Also stay warm in Stavanger throughout the week. 1-2 plus degrees Monday and up to eight plus degrees Thursday-Saturday. It will rain on Wednesday and Thursday.

Stafjells: – It may snow at Christmas

Although there is heavy snowfall in central Norway and upland, there is also some snow in the eastern highlands. On Christmas Eve, there is still a little snow on the slopes in many parts of eastern Norway.

According to Fakerlitt, இல்stafjells will have snow for a while longer.

– These are not big changes in the upcoming weather. Christmas takes a while and change will come within that time. He says southern Norway will generally be cooler and better, with colder climates in the eastern mountains and south.

In Oslo, it’s sunny on Christmas Eve and weekends. The capital recorded 5-6 degrees below zero on Christmas Eve. The sun sets at 15 degrees, and light winds blow from the southwest, lasting until the evening.

On the first and second day of Christmas, it’s sunny in Oslo until 3 pm. It’s two degrees Celsius on Saturday and about 6 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

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The state meteorologist says it will snow again in stafjell on December 28th.

– It is very cold in the eastern, central and western parts. He says the low pressure area in the west will be in the east, but will have to move because of the cold winds in the east.

During the week, the air in Oslo will be warm from Wednesday, December 29, with temperatures hovering around zero degrees for most of the day. It rained in the evening and plus one degree was reported. The same goes for Thursday and Friday. On Thursday it is plus one all day and zero on Friday.

North of Oslo østafjells, cold weather is expected at Christmas.

Northern Norway:

In northern Norway, scattered snowfall is also expected, and winter weather, on the other hand, seems to be dependent on the north.

– Over the next 24 hours, snowfall is expected over large parts of northern Norway. The state meteorologist says it will be snowing Christmas this year in central Norway and northern Norway.

In Kirkenes, the temperature drops to minus 20 degrees Celsius per week, but on Christmas Eve it is five degrees Celsius for most of the day. Winds of 10 meters per second were reported from the northeast.

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On the first day of Christmas, it was reported as 6-7 minus, with the cold dropping to 18 from Tuesday. In Kirkenes it drops to minus 20

– Only the coast of southern Norway can be expected to be above zero degrees next week. At Finnmarksvidda it will be very cold, with meteorologists writing on Twitter that it will be below 30 minus until the New Year here.

In Bodo, there is a yellow hazard warning for storms at sea and on the beach both on Christmas Eve and the first day of Christmas. It will drop to minus six degrees on December 24th and 25th. It will be a little hot for the week. Temperatures will be below 4 degrees Celsius for the first few days, followed by two degrees Celsius on Thursday.

In Tromsø, it will snow throughout Christmas Eve and the temperature will be 2-3 degrees below zero. Light winds blowing from the north at a speed of twelve meters per second.

On the first and second day of the Christmas festivities, it dropped to minus 10 degrees. The temperature is 3-7 minus per week.