What we hoped from Apple would happen soon

What we hoped from Apple would happen soon

In April 2021, Apple introduced the iMac with the M1 chipset.

I think the iMac will get the M3

So the time has come for new machines, and now it’s not too far from launch. According to Mark Gurman, who also has two other interesting leaks this time around, the machine is in a belated testing process. Mass production is expected within three months, so a launch over the summer makes sense.

There won’t be any majors other than putting the components back in and M.3– Chips: Still the same type as the 24-inch All-in-One.

M2 or M3 on the three devices?

Gurman also hears there will be “about” three new Macs between spring and summer. There are also interesting machines: the MacBook Air, this time for the first time with a 15-inch display, the Mac Pro with the same design, but with Apple’s own chips and the updated MacBook Air 13.

The Mac Pro of course arrives at the M2 Ultra with 24 CPU cores and 76 GPU cores – all with 192GB of RAM if you will.

We already wrote about the MacBook Air 15 last summer

Gurman isn’t sure about the internals of the other two machines:

“There is greater uncertainty about which chip is chosen for the new MacBook Air models. If these devices launch in a few months with the M2 chip, they will quickly be seen as outdated.

The 15-inch MacBook Air with the M2 chip may still get consumers excited, but the new 13-inch MacBook Air by M2 is unlikely to react as much.”

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