What’s new in macOS Ventura

NewsWhat’s new in macOS Ventura

Lots of new things were revealed.

macOS Ventura has been renamed, and a number of new features.

macOS updates usually provide large amounts of news for both Macs and connected Apple devices, such as the Watch and iPhone.

This time around, the desire to hack passwords might be the most exciting news. But during this year’s WWDC, it was also clear that Apple wants to make its computers more similar to mobile devices.

Here, for example, are the search and multitasking functions that remind us of what you get in an iPhone or iPad.

The new functionality for switching between apps is called “Stage Manager,” and it will be available on both macOS and iPadOS. Here you can switch between different applications – back and forth, without having to go through the taskbar. Applications can be grouped together and swapped.

This all feels like some sort of “packaging” of the desktop, so you don’t have to keep track of your windows the same way as before.

Spotlight just got smarter. Just like on mobile, the search function can now search for content in images. If you are looking for cats, dogs or cars, the function can find the photos and videos they contain.

This is already possible for both iOS and Android, but now the solution is coming to macOS.

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You can now set the time for your emails to be sent automatically any time you want. This way you don’t have to let the recipient see your Einstein idea at 3 p.m. Sunday.

You may also regret sending, as you’ve been doing for years at Google’s Gmail.

In the new Safari, you can share tabs with friends, so you can, for example, do an online search with people you know. Thus, everyone has the same set of browser windows, and can browse them together.

Passkeys will replace passwords forever. Depends on the device’s biometrics. The Password is uniquely generated on your computer or mobile phone, and synced between your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Passkey is also a collaboration with the FIDO alliance known for working with security and login solutions, and Samsung and others have worked with that alliance for things like face and fingerprint locks.

It will be possible to use i-gadgets as a login tool against computers and other devices that do not come from Apple.

Metal is Apple’s answer to Direct X in Windows. The graphics solution has been significantly updated in the new macOS, and it will run faster. This promises better graphics in macOS. It also comes on top of the promised performance boost that the new Apple M2 chips promise.

One feature many used when the Covid pandemic sent everyone to their home offices was the ability to use their mobile phone as a webcam. However, this was not officially supported by Windows or macOS. Now Apple takes it.

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With the continuity system connecting Mac and iPhone, it becomes easy to use iPhone as a webcam for your Mac, so you get a much better camera than before.

Here you can get things like stage lighting functions and blurred backgrounds directly from the camera system on a mobile phone, which already has distance sensors designed to provide portrait functionality.

Also included is a solution that makes the camera “follow” you when you move in front of the phone.

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