When an old Nobel Prize winner touches a coronary artery vaccine

When an old Nobel Prize winner touches a coronary artery vaccine

Guest Comment: When a well-known researcher opposes coronary artery vaccines, we need to think critically.

Pride moment: Virus researcher Luc Montagnier was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 2008 for discovering HIV in 1983. He is now 89 and is in danger of bullshit.
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80’s Champion Luc Montagnier warns of the dangers of covid-19 vaccines, Steigan.no . writes. Montagnier, together with Françoise Barry-Sinoussi, discovered HIV in 1983, so what he believes and does not mean can be assumed to be of some importance.

“It is vaccination that makes the varieties,” says the famous Nobel Prize winner in A interview with french Outstanding media. Interview captured by Steigan.no, via American RAIR . Foundation. Steigan points out Montagnier: “The vaccine doesn’t stop the virus,” it “feeds it,” facilitating the evolution into stronger, more transmissible varieties. These new viral variants will be more resistant to vaccination and may cause more health consequences than their “original” versions.

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low professional level

This is only partly a matter of epidemiology, it is also a matter of fake news and source criticism.

When considering such a case, it is not enough to note the wonderful past of the source, but also the actual experience of the person. 90-year-old Luc Montagnier knows a lot about viruses, but he is neither an epidemiologist nor an evolutionary biologist.

He argues with an evolutionary theory at the high school level: When we vaccinate – or when we use drugs – we also affect the organism we are trying to fight. Some viruses – just like a few bacteria, a few amoebae, a few flies or mice – will survive when we try to eliminate them. The survivors will then be able to reproduce, and the result will be more resistant viruses, bacteria, amoebas, or rats – whatever you want. The initial development, it was said, and this resistance has long been known in medical science.

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This will always be the case, and in this sense it can be said that “the vaccine creates variants” – although natural immunity in humans is also likely to raise new types of the virus.

However, the dilemma we face is the same with any other drug: Should we fail to save people to avoid developing variants? Of course we don’t have to. We couldn’t let COVID-19 burn, as the Black Plague raged in the 14th century across Europe – killing up to half the population before it broke out. And so countless epidemics devastated the world for countless years, before and after the Black Death – killing millions and millions and unimaginable millions.

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questionable sources

Not a proud moment: Luc Montagnier gives an interview to French Hold-Up Media, and he gives a boost to the vaccine conspirators in the country and is arrested in other countries – Norway too.

The first thing we need to do when we find news that surprises us is to investigate the sources. Who or what is Outstanding mediaAnd RAIR . Foundation And Steigan.no?

interview photo RAIR It presents Steigan.no, which is based on the poster of the French documentary “Stop – Back to Chaos”And Which became big in 2020 on social media through conspiracy theories that the “global elite” created COVID-19 to control the world’s population.

RAIR . Foundation Introduces himself “As an integrated platform that amplifies the voice of the silent majority, informs the population of daily assaults on freedom, and educates grassroots leaders and activists so that they can combat the threats of Islamists, radical leftists and their allies.”

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Steigan.no is managed by Pål Steigan, former leader of the Justice and Development Party (ML) and Rød Valgallianse. The site showed its sympathy for last year’s demonstrations against the lockdown outside Parliament, and recently published several articles with Similar content Like what I’m writing about now.

Thus, we are talking about actors who have clear perceptions. Then it is up to the reader to decide if these are the people you want to trust.

Could this be why they are referring to a previous bone that is about 90 years old? So make us trust them?

In critical thinking, we call this step an “argument from power.” It’s well used – one puts one’s authority behind an argument that may not hold, but is still acceptable because the sender can boast the title of Professor or Nobel Prize – or a glorious past.

In Norway in the ’80s and ’90s, “Professor Georg Heijn” was the press source for the existence of UFOs, ghosts, and everything else that could not be documented. Hygen is presented in Dagsrevyen as “Professor, Norwegian Parapsychological Society”. But the man was not a master of parapsychology – he was a botanist.

If you are going to consider arguments from an authority, you must first examine what that authority is.

Then it is important to remember that no one has the right to become famous.

As for the former great Luc Montagnier, that’s how you feel sorry for him. Later in the interview—not reproduced by Steigan.no—the interviewer asks: “Now 10,000 people have died in Europe as a result of the vaccine. These are the official numbers. Who are the perpetrators?” Montagnier nodded, “Good question.”

Explicit aging?

Many researchers were alarmed by their old age. The ideas go to James Watson, who in 1953 revealed the structure of DNA with Francis Crick – and thus became the man behind the “discovery of the century”. Since then, the Nobel laureate has made a name for himself through a series of sexual and racist statements, and in 2019, at the age of 91, deprived of scientific honor After his statements about the relationship between race and intelligence.

One might say that age makes us more frank? Watson was a loose cannon all his life. As early as the 1960s, partner Crick had to defend collaborator Rosalind Franklin against Watson’s negative statements about her – in his opinion – bad looks.

I don’t know if Luc Montagnier was skeptical about the vaccine all along. When he now chooses to take this position, it seems insincere to convey this as if Montagnier were an important authority in epidemiology today – and thus his views are superior to others.

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