May 21, 2022


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When I opened my MacBook Pro M1 Max for NOK 41,990, the screen cracked, but Apple won't fix it

When I opened my MacBook Pro M1 Max for NOK 41,990, the screen cracked, but Apple won’t fix it

We spoke to an customer who is now facing the nightmare: an expensive MacBook Pro with the M1 Max chip for 41,990 kr has broken the screen.

Updated, 20:19:

For information, the device was ordered in October and delivered in November. The accident happened on March 30, the same day the photos were taken.

Useless deer machine

The customer sent us several pictures of the machine showing that it was not rough or lost or something like that – at least that’s what the pictures show us, and it’s clear that the customer did nothing to cause such great damage after I replaced the machine In November last year.

So what exactly happened? The customer who explained that all this happened when I opened the screen does not understand and then notice that a number of cracks in the screen and “the black mass faded from the cracks that started in the bottom right of the screen”.

“It was crazy to look at,” an Apple customer explains to us.

The problem started at the bottom right of the screen and gradually spread and now the screen is completely useless. Photo: ITavisen

Apple asked her to reinstall macOS

The customer was in touch with Apple who initially thought something was wrong with macOS and asked them to reinstall the operating system:

Then I did that and took screenshots, for a total of 16 pieces. While the screen began to break increasingly. In the end, it went completely black and didn’t work at all.

MacBook Pro M1 Max Egg

We’ve heard of weird streaks and screen discolorations before, but this is often due to software bugs that Apple initially thought, or errors that are discovered as soon as you use your computer.

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The customer has pictures that show that the machine is not exposed to external pressures:

The problem of liquid leakage from the board worsened until the screen turned black: