“When the peace of Christmas calms down” – full of confusion

“When the peace of Christmas calms down” – full of confusion

Trols Svendsen, 49, and his girlfriend Charlotte Smith captured Norway when they appeared on TV 2’s New Megahite Norway with the song When Peace Comes at Christmas.

The song secured them victory on the show, and also climbed to the top on Spotify a week after its release.

After less than six months of success, the song has been removed from Spotify and other streaming services, and there is complete confusion as to why it was removed.

Gone: The song is visible on Spotify, but can't be played.  Photo: screenshot / Spotify

Gone: The song is visible on Spotify, but can’t be played. Photo: screenshot / Spotify
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Basically not familiar

In December revealed Dagbladet That songwriters Sandra Laing, 35, and Preben Slade Andersen, 32, were not credited with being the songwriter for the song when it was released. This was done just three days after the song was released.

Before Svendsen performed the song on the program, he was commissioned to collaborate with artist Daniel Kvammen (34), who co-wrote the song.

Top: Trols Svendsen and Charlotte Smith escape with victory in the

Top: Trols Svendsen and Charlotte Smith escape with victory in the “New Norwegian Megahite”. Here with songwriter Daniel Kavman. Photo: Espen Solli/TV 2
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Dagbladet He contacted Sony Music, which distributes the song. In an email to Dagbladet, press officer Elisabeth Riksen wrote that the song was released with a distribution agreement, and no one at Sony Music can comment on the matter.

Songwriter Daniel Kavman does not know what happened. Dagbladet has also been in contact with Kvammen’s press officer, Magni Sørløkk, who writes the following in an email:

first list: Troels Svendsen and his girlfriend Charlotte Smith rose straight to the top on Spotify Norway with this song from “Norway’s new megahit.” Video: TV 2
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– We record that the song was deleted, we think it’s a shame. We are not aware of the basis for this decision, Sorlock wrote in an email to Dagbladet. She also refers to the record label All in & GG Music.

Stian “Staysman” Thorbjørnsen (40) and Peter “Katastrofe” Christiansen (33) are both owners of the record label All in & GG Music. They did not respond to Dagbladet’s inquiries.

Dagbladet also tried to contact Truls Svendsen with questions about whether he knew why the song is now away from streaming services. He did not respond to our inquiries. Dagbladet also tried producer Anders Nielsen, but did not receive a response.

Maria Maria: Magnus Devold was very proud of what his girlfriend, Maria Stavang, had achieved in ‘New Norway’ Mega Hit. Reporter: Jonas Hammer. Video: Thea Hope / The Red Carpet
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Songwriter Preben Sælid Andersen didn’t answer Dagbladet’s questions either.

Dagbladet has also been in contact with Sandra Ling’s songwriter’s manager, Karianne Fjeldheim at Max Social, who also refers to Max Social’s general manager, Cecily Sorum Ericsrud. Dagbladet was unsuccessful in getting an answer from Eriksrud.


When the song was prepared ahead of its “New Norway Megahit” release in December, the songwriting process in the studio didn’t go as hoped. Then, according to Dagbladet’s information, Daniel Kvammen had to submit a demo song that he had co-wrote a year earlier.

It was meant to have been done without informing Trolls Svendsen, Charlotte Smith, or producer Anders Nielsen – who all contributed to the final song as TV viewers know it – that the beta was written with two others: Sandra Laing and Preben Sid Andersen.

ancient knowledge: For the observant viewer, one notices the existence of previous acquaintances among the audience when Abu Hussein sang his song during the premiere of “New Norway Megait”. Video: The red carpet
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Kvammen then told Dagbladet that the rapid work process resulted in Lyng not being certified.

– It was a very fast process about recording the song, which led to some misunderstandings. Of course, you took the responsibility to clean it up, and we sorted it out quickly. Kvammen told Dagbladet that it was great to be able to share this experience with Sandra, and of course Preben, who is my closest writing partner.

Then Trols Svendsen told Dagbladet that he did not know anything about the situation until after he had performed the song.

– That there was a misunderstanding about who wrote the song, I only found out on Sunday after he sang it for the first time. And as far as I understood, they happily sorted it out right away, Svendsen told Dagbladet.

Cash: Oskar Westerlin is clearly unhappy with the roll of the dice he received from Dagbladet’s reviewer under the title “New Norwegian Megahit”. Video: TV2
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