When we thought we hadn’t seen anything worse

When we thought we hadn’t seen anything worse

AUO has unveiled a 49-inch ultra-wide 5K 360Hz curved gaming monitor.

49-inch ultra-widescreen with a resolution of 5120 x 1440 and 360 Hz

This is a mouthful, but for good reason. For the company, which is one of the world’s largest panel suppliers along with LG Display, it’s not a brand consumers are familiar with, but that may be about to change if they choose to launch it globally in the future.

Because there’s (almost) nothing (aside from the fact that it’s a VA panel – it’s referred to as a compromise between TN and IPS, but VA provides better contrast, but poorer viewing angles) that you don’t get with this monitor:

  • Ultra Wide 32:9 – R1000
  • 360 Hz
  • 5 kilos (no genuine 5K: 5120 x 1440)
  • 5000: 1
  • 600 nt
  • 95 percent coverage of the DCI P3 color spectrum

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But there is more

The company also has a smaller screen on the way. It’s much smaller and has a much lower resolution: 24″ and 1080p, but the refresh rate is ridiculously high at 540Hz (after overclocking – the default is 500Hz.) The panel is a TN LCD.

AUO’s 24″ FHD 540Hz Ultra-Fast Gaming Display Panel. “

What about the 163 ALED screen for home cinema?

Like Asus with its 135 ProArt screen, designed for professional creators, but also aimed at home theater for people with money in the bank, the AUO is adequate with its larger 163 “premium” home theater screen.

ALED is AUO’s LED panel technology which the company explains as follows:

“Displays using just a single LED pixel provide unparalleled brightness and contrast ratio; when combined with several technologies, this technology transcends current design and size limitations by creating an infinitely large screen.”

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One of the selling points is that the viewing experience is largely undamaged by suboptimal viewing conditions, that is, if there is light around. HDR is present, of course, as is a 16-channel sound system.

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