Who are we after Corona?

Who are we after Corona?

Comment: The only way out of the pandemic cannot be for all people to walk at the same pace and look in the same direction. Who are we then?

The vaccination rate in Norway is very high.
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I have a lump in my stomach from reading about unvaccinated people. More blocks. One is the fear of what it might do to us if we give a group a label, separate them from us, and make them “the others” – and in the next round they blame it for what doesn’t happen.

The third is complete annoyance at what the noisy ones among them might say, and the third is what this annoyance can make me mean, and the fourth is what I do not see therefore.

who are they?

Now, “not completely immune to COVID-19” is of course something more and more people have in common. together 7-8% of adults over 18 in this country. But it is easy to say that they have more in common than that.

Researchers interviewed people in Germany Who participated in the demonstrations, and let others answer questions online. They find that vaccine opponents (and certainly not all unvaccinated people) take responsibility for their lives as an absolute. They must decide for themselves, it is the individual that matters. They only accept the rules they come up with themselves. They also say they are preoccupied with cashing and going to the sources themselves. The researchers think this happens so often that they see that they started privately, roughly as they were chosen. They possess a higher knowledge, the truth of the true causes.

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We do not have similar research from our country. But our country Quotes from a study by researcher Toff Field, who looked at who is putting forward counter-narratives about corona. The main story, says Field, is about the virus as a major threat, a vaccine and a number of other measures such as rescue. In the counter-narratives, I’ve found voices ranging from those who dismiss the virus as dangerous, to those who believe the elite is behind them and want to take over the whole world. Fjeld also finds that they often like to emphasize that they are independent, thinking and enlightened, as opposed to non-thinking people.

The majority of us vaccinated in these photos are a sleeping sheep, we’ve stopped listening to our “inner voice,” as Anne says in an article for Vårt Land.


It’s a very provocative group. Their freedom, their own rules. Preferably the key to the truth itself. Either in the form of God or in the voice of the preacher, or in some kind of conviction that you are mourning your success. If you live right, train well, right, get along with yourself, you will not get sick either. And, perhaps most provocatively – that’s enough. Social responsibility is not an issue, even if there are limits to one’s freedom.

But these are the sounds researchers have found in places where noisy vaccine opponents love to congregate. Thus it is not certain that they make up much in the uninoculated group. Here we may also find women who hesitate because among the reported side effects we find a large group of foreign-born, and among these again, people from countries where there is absolutely no reason to listen to those who control. And we’re finding people who aren’t yet sure if this particular vaccine is safe enough.

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But together, together, that’s only 7-8 percent of us. We must have our backs to bear it. The vaccination rate in Norway is very high.

way out

The simplest solution here and now is that a large enough remains of a small, unvaccinated herd, ingesting the vaccine and thus eliminating corona pressure on the ICU, can be overexplained. That would have been nice. But I can’t believe it until I see it.

The alternative is the Aura Pass, the kind that one cannot test far from. Since it is not dangerous for vaccinated people to infect each other, unvaccinated people become so sick that they end up in the intensive care unit. The Corona passport will bring back a lot of people every day. Most people who are not immunized can choose to have the vaccine.

Because if we don’t all have to walk in steps, we can’t all walk around in our absolute freedom all the time. It also doesn’t work my freedom ends where your freedom begins. The small, but very loud minority of the unvaccinated has to deal with it too.

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the cost

It cannot be the end of the pandemic that everyone has to look in the same direction before we leave it. The downside of such an image is less confidence, the kind of confidence that is the glue itself and the driving force in society. The downside also is that we direct energy and cash to a group without a face, without power, without a common agenda, rather than directing it to those with political power, financial power, and healthy power.

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Because we closed Norway to save lives. Then we shut down Norway so we wouldn’t blow up the ICU capacity. And we closed again, — to slow infection, increase vaccination and protect hospital capacity.

Now sick leave in the health services, whether it is in hospitals or in the municipalities, is also included as something that we have to somehow close.

Can politicians decide to keep our young people at home in the bedroom because sick absences in health services are so high?

What is the public health cost?

Who are our politicians, if they can push any of us out of our daily lives, at any time and do chorus many times at any time, and expect better health services from him?

And who are we then?


Commentator Solveig G. Sandelson

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