Who do you want to be after the reopening?

Who do you want to be after the reopening?

For many, the reopening means that a myriad of activities and social obligations must be restored. Should everyone participate in the game?

When the community reopened on September 25, the flag went to the top at Torget in Bergen.
  • Jens Bech-Sørensen

    Supervisor with a master’s degree in Social Psychology

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a lot of ways Reopen those myriad social activities and commitments. In turn, board meetings, parties, cabin trips, Christmas dinners, family reunions, and parenting meetings should swallow up free time. Much of it must be documented.

The thought in me depicts a parody of the “Norwegian Herd”, which cannot or is able to do more than return to its turbulent fad. See how we cling when it comes to reclaiming our social relevance!

Should everyone participate in the game?

Would you rather use the best of lockdown to set healthy social boundaries for yourself? Then this is a flirtation for you.

Jens Bech-Sørensen wrote: “I think we can choose to spend more of our free time and care about what is useful.”

Soon Fantasy Collective Fever For two years, we observed deserted Norway from our living room window. And as you read this, some of us are crossing our doorstep. We extend in the social surplus that trembles after its demise.

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Now obedient corpses are thrown into the darkness of autumn! There are no good and quiet conversations with close friends who would rather talk to them more. Soon we will feel guilty for not being able to give them our precious free time.

I think we who want it now have a chance to choose differently. Who do you want to be now, and who in your life do you have the time and ability to mean something? think about it.

Everyone remembers The good old halo days, at first. We applauded those who met the world there, and we perished each other with the warm air. Then we got a phone call with Grandma.

One of the most important needs of a man is to feel visible and integrated. This also gets into you. Research shows that we feel strong inner pain when we are excluded, and this motivates us to act. For our ancestors, exclusion meant dying outside the light and heat of fire. For us, it means an apartment without people, where no one needs our ingenuity and our warm body.

Perhaps it’s no wonder that we strive to keep so many social doors open. Some also get a lot of relationships to keep. They extend faithfully, self-destructively, to be equal in all of them.

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I think we do We can choose to spend more of our free time and care about what makes sense. Put aside any unimportant disagreement at the parent meeting. Don’t waste time on something you can’t change. Get out of the Christmas table early if you’re not enjoying it, no one really cares. Think about who gave life the joy of the past two years, and make them your tribe. Call them tonight and say out loud, “I haven’t forgotten you!”

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If you can, give less of your time and energy to activities you don’t enjoy. This also applies to the people and the body you don’t have and how your Instagram account looks broken this year. Nobody really cares.

live for the flock Create your own thing with them, just because there is value in creativity. If your person values ​​you, it immediately becomes less important for others to be better and more successful. You stopped saying you were so tired, and when you were social this week, you really wanted to. Also, you had earnings for participating in the conversation.

Put everything you should have been involved in. Let the effects show how well they work. Now you don’t hear them. You left your cell phone in the hallway, now you’re making pancakes with your girlfriend.


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