June 5, 2023


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Who escaped with 127,000 NOK from the safe?

Who escaped with 127,000 NOK from the safe?

Cash must have been kept in a locked safe in a locked room. But they disappeared in June without a trace. The police dropped the case.

No one was arrested and the case was dropped. Now he ends up at the city council table.

The mystery became known in a recent letter from the Municipal Audit Office to the Oslo Municipal Monitoring Committee. The school in question is anonymous in the letter.

On June 13, a school employee discovered that 126,960 NOK was missing from the school safe. The safe was in a locked room.

Cash in the safe came from course fee payments, according to the letter. It is not known when the money was taken out of the safe. 25-30 people had the keys to the room the safe was in. In addition, “many” were said to have known that a large amount was kept in the school’s safe.

Two employees said they almost saw the money in the safe. Three weeks ago. The last time money was physically counted was the summer of 2021.

According to the review, there were no signs of the safe or room being broken into.

The police were reported, but he was fired

When funds were discovered to be missing, the Director and Managing Director were notified. The school then investigated whether there were natural explanations for the loss of funds.

The puzzle is not solved. The school management held a staff meeting on June 14 where anyone who knew anything was encouraged to come forward. No one has registered.

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Shop supervisors and the main protection representative have been notified. So did the police. But the police report was dropped. The school resumed, but the attorney general upheld the closure.

According to the letter, the school has its own procedures for handling criticism. Cash in excess of NOK 100,000 must be handed over to a separate overnight safe. This is not done, according to the letter.

Breaking the routine

Already in 2017 the Norwegian Education Agency was notified by the Municipal Audit Office that this school holds large amounts of cash. The agency responded that the school was subject to follow-up and supervision and requested to obtain a cash register system and conduct cash settlements, according to the Municipal Audit Bureau’s letter.

It does not appear in the message whether this has been done.

Now, however, the school is changing its routine to prevent the same thing from happening again. This means, among other things, that the school must not hold a maximum of 50,000 NOK in cash.

According to the letter, the Norwegian Education Agency considers that the matter has been dealt with. Aftenposten has been in contact with the municipal audit office. They don’t want to go out in the name of the school.

In other words, the puzzle remains unsolved. The perpetrator or perpetrators are not known.