Who tells the truth about what is under Gaza’s hospitals?

Who tells the truth about what is under Gaza’s hospitals?

The Israeli army took control of Al-Rantisi Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army claimed that weapons were found inside the hospital.

In the basement they found a makeshift bathroom with a toilet, shower and ventilation system.

– We suspect that hostages are being held in this room, says Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari.

– Failed propaganda, says an expert from the Israeli Defense Forces in the video.

The short version

The Israeli army is present deep in Gaza City and controls the area surrounding one of the city’s largest hospitals, Al-Rantisi Hospital. The hospital includes the only ward in Gaza for children with cancer.

Attacks on hospitals have prompted major relief organizations to press the alarm button and demand an immediate cessation of attacks. On the other hand, Israel claims that this is happening because Hamas has bases under hospitals.

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