August 16, 2022


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Neco Williams

Why hasn’t Nico Williams returned to the AXA Training Center?

Earlier this summer, it was reported that Nottingham Forest had turned down an offer to buy Nico Williams. There should be an offer of 11 million pounds, with the possibility of another four million pounds depending on the terms.

We’ve always heard that Liverpool’s asking price is £15m, so it was expected that Forrest would come back with a new offer, and both sides would agree.

Now you can start joking that this is going to happen. Just a few days ago, Forrest signed French right-back Julien Biancon from Troyes for £8.6m, and now German journalist Florian Plettenberg has stated that Forrest is also working hard on the transfer of Bayern Munich defender Omar Richards.

Plettenberg reports that the two sides are in contact with each other, and that Bayern would like to drop the 1998 model. The transfer fee would likely be around €10-12 million for a player who can play as a left-back and a left-back.

He did not meet at the AXA Training Center on Monday

If Forrest gets his second sideshow in less than a week, it will likely take a lot to buy a third, in the form of Nico Williams.

Williams could play as a left and right back and also as a winger, but it is questionable whether the newly promoted club with these deals have chosen to turn their backs on the Welshman.

It was previously reported that Fulham had also decided to consider other transition targets, and that Forrest was alone in the Williams battle this summer.

It should be out of the question for Liverpool with Williams on loan next season, and the Reds have already cemented a right-back with Calvin Ramsey, who will be a backup for Trent Alexander-Arnold.

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Nico Williams has not been seen at Liverpool’s training ground since pre-season began on Monday, although he was expected to be in place from day one.

He will remain in Spain, and it is worth noting that Forrest is currently in a training camp in the same country. There are rumors that Williams has agreed with the guards on his personal terms, but it seems a little strange if the newly promoted club bought three side players in one week.