Will be interrogated in the future – VG

Will be interrogated in the future – VG
Parliament: Many politicians who have submitted applications for passenger accommodation are suspected by the police and should be investigated.

Several people have been granted suspect status in Storting’s commuter housing case. So far, no complaint has been received from the tax administration, police say.


– Investigations are scheduled soon and will take place in Oslo soon. Kristin Ingeborg Rusdal, police attorney for the Department of Finance and Special Law, told VG that we are investigating whether any possible criminal offenses were committed in connection with the commuter housing applications.

Postposton Progress in the case was discussed First. Rustle tells Viji that the police have several investigators in the case.

In November, Oslo police Assignment Through the public prosecutor to investigate whether frauds have taken place in connection with the allocation of passenger accommodation. This came after several revelations by politicians that travelers may have obtained apartment blocks in Oslo in violation of the rules or should be taxed for the benefit of free housing in Oslo. Police can also investigate other potential criminal offenses along the way.

Might be too much

Rusdal added that he could not provide information on who the suspects were or how many were given the status of suspects, but confirmed that these were people who had submitted applications for passenger accommodation. Rustel also insists that no one is currently being charged.

– As this gives them some more rights, it is natural to question them with the status of suspects. Anyone who is a suspect can bring a lawyer to trial. Unlike the interrogation of witnesses, the suspect has no obligation to explain himself.

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– Are the summoned suspects under a specific category?

– No.

– Would it be appropriate to summon more people for questioning than have been summoned so far?

– Yes, we can not deny it. We have not finished reviewing all the documents of the case. Rustle says we have not yet received any reports from the tax administration in this case.

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