Will push the Taliban to get more people out – VG

Will push the Taliban to get more people out - VG
Evacuation will continue: NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says there are still people in Afghanistan who should be allowed to leave the country. 120,000 people have already been evacuated. Here Stoltenberg speaks at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers on August 20.

BERGEN (VG) Jens Stoltenberg says NATO will now put more pressure on the Taliban so more people can travel.


He says that NATO countries have managed to evacuate more than 120,000 people from Kabul during the past three weeks.

“A massive evacuation took place, one of the largest airlifts ever,” the NATO Secretary General told VG Tuesday afternoon, just hours after the last soldiers left the country by plane in the middle of the night.

But the organization is now shifting its focus, to those who did not succeed in this or who had to stay behind with the Taliban in control, as well as to the military part of the airport in Kabul.

Unfortunately, many of those in a vulnerable position have not been allowed to travel, Stoltenberg apologizes.

– We will hold the Taliban accountable for the promises they made. He adds that we will use the press money we have to try to help people who want to, who are in a vulnerable position, leave the country.

This applies to human rights defenders, women’s rights activists, journalists and others who may have reason to feel threatened by the Taliban, he said.

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You will put pressure on the Taliban

Stoltenberg warns of diplomatic and financial pressure if necessary. He had previously suggested that sanctions could be considered.

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This applies to human rights defenders, women’s rights activists, journalists and others who may have reason to feel threatened by the Taliban, he said.

– I am glad that many NATO countries said they are ready to accept people who have been persecuted, says Stoltenberg.

When asked if NATO’s requirement was to allow anyone who wanted it to leave or help it, Stoltenberg replied that economic migrants would be another discussion.

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Departure: Large military transport planes lined up to depart from Kabul International Airport on Monday.

Thank you Norway

Through VG, the NATO commander thanks the Norwegian forces on the ground, and especially the Norway-led field hospital staff, for their ability to keep the hospital operating nearly until the deadline, which is today, Tuesday, August 31:

– I would like to thank Norway for this effort, and for operating the field hospital so recently, says Stoltenberg.

– You have been highly regarded among NATO allies and many people. They also provided treatment to many of those injured in the horrific terrorist attack on Thursday, he says in a video interview from Brussels.

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operational communication

With the last American planes, the last of the diplomats flew in and left the NATO delegation in Kabul. It is now empty and uninhabited, says Stoltenberg.

– Confirms that we have sent all our diplomats.

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– How will you communicate with the Taliban?

– There are operational contacts with the Taliban. It had to be in regards to the evacuation. Now there is also contact, for example between Turkey and the Taliban, to help keep the airport in Kabul running, and to reopen it. Stoltenberg says the airport is a lifeline for the rest of the world, where people get in and out of humanitarian aid.

SNIPP SNAPP SNUTE: Former President Ashraf Ghani received Jens Stoltenberg in Kabul on February 29 last year. Ghani is now out of Afghanistan and the Taliban has taken power.

Less abuse than fear

When asked if NATO had information about executions, persecutions, or violent abuses by the Taliban against Afghans who cooperated with the international coalition, Stoltenberg said he had seen reports of this.

– but the main picture is that there has been less persecution and abuse against people than many feared – until now. The Taliban were clear in their promises not to retaliate and not to execute those who worked for democracy and with NATO countries. But we should judge the Taliban on what they do, not on what they say. He says the whole world will follow this closely.

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Not a real benefit

– How do you assess the danger of the Taliban’s use of weapons, vehicles, planes and helicopters left behind by NATO after 20 years of NATO’s presence in Afghanistan?

Lots of materials brought. Many were also destroyed. And American forces destroyed most of what was left at the airport before the last of them withdrew. According to the Americans, what is left will not be really useful to the Taliban.

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But will they seize weapons and equipment donated by NATO to the Afghan security forces?

– It’s a challenge when there is such a rapid breakdown, that you cannot destroy all the materials and deal with them. We were aware of the danger of the Taliban returning when we made the decision to leave. But what no one expected was the speed. Stoltenberg says this has contributed to the evacuation process going faster, and that they have access to more equipment.

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– How does NATO now assess the risk of new terrorist attacks in Afghanistan?

For 20 years, we have worked to ensure that no terrorist attacks occur on any NATO country, organized from Afghanistan. We must both hold to the demands of the Taliban, who have committed themselves to preventing the country from ever becoming a haven for terrorists again, through diplomatic and political pressure, he says.

“And so NATO countries have the ability to strike terrorists inside the country, even though there are no forces on the ground. We’ve shown that in recent days,” says Stoltenberg.

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