Will Smith is soon in movie theaters in “Emancipation”—who knows if people aren’t ready—VG

Will Smith is soon in movie theaters in "Emancipation"—who knows if people aren't ready—VG
Veteran: Will Smith, here at the LA premiere in 2019.

Will Smith, 54, will soon appear in his first post-Oscar scandal film.


It’s been exactly eight months since the Hollywood star caused a stir during the Oscars in Los Angeles. will Smith Presenter of the Hit Award Chris Rock (57) On air.

Later in the evening, Smith won the award, and in his acceptance speech he tearfully apologized for the incident.

However, the accident had repercussions. smith Banned from the Oscars For ten years, it was Withdraws From the Oscar Academy.

VGTV: Watch the video from Will Smith’s new blockbuster here:

fear of “punishment”

But now he’s all set to appear on the big screen again, in the blockbuster “Emancipation,” his first since Scandal. There’s a lot at stake for the once respected actor.

In an interview with FOX 5 DC correspondent Kevin McCarthy, Smith explains that he hopes what happened during the Oscars won’t cast too much of a shadow over the new movie. But he is modest.

– I completely understand if people are not ready. I totally respect that, Smith says in the interview, which was posted to Twitter.

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The movie star says he will “give space” to those who may be involved.

– My biggest concern is my team, says Smith and mentions, among others, director Antoine Fuqua (56), who is also in the TV interview.

He did what I think was his best job in his entire career.

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Smith also names several other actors.

“It is my fervent hope that my actions will not punish my team,” he says of the rest of the film crew.

The story of the slaves

In “Emancipation,” which is described as a historical drama and thriller, Will plays the slave Peter. After being whipped nearly to death, Peter flees from a ranch in Louisiana.

The plot is based on a true story.

– What I hope now is that the substance and strength of the film, plus the objectivity of the story, and all the good things it can do, will at least open people’s hearts a little bit. And that they get to see, learn about, and support all of the amazing artists in and around this movie,” says Smith.

The US premiere of “Emancipation” is on December 6. No date has been set for the Norwegian premiere.

Looking back at the famous Oscars performance in March — see VGTV:


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