Will there be no Windows 12?

Will there be no Windows 12?

References to Windows are detected 11 24 h2.

Complete confusion

What does it mean for Windows 12? Last summer, it was more or less confirmed that Microsoft would return to releasing major Windows upgrades every three years, and given that Windows 11 launches in 2021, the math is simple enough. But with the new build number, which is high enough to indicate a big launch next year, is Windows 12 coming, or is it just Windows 11.2 now that we’re getting “Windows 11.1” with the Moment 4 update?

No one knows what Microsoft’s plans are, regardless of whether Intel has hinted at a major overhaul of Windows next year. Tom Warren, Windows journalist at The Verge, once wrote an article titled “Microsoft, can’t we call it Windows 11.1?”

Intel: Windows 12 will launch next year

Artificial intelligence is more than important enough

It’s very likely that Warren will get his wish, as Microsoft has yet to talk about any “Windows 12”, or hint at a new big launch next year. For it to be considered a major upgrade, there must be more than one upgrade “under the hood” and in it addition Includes interface upgrades.

All the talk about Windows 12 was sparked when Microsoft itself leaked an upgraded interface with what looks like a notification center at the top, instead of on the right side. What if notifications were moved to the top of the interface, and the AI, in this case CoPilot, was found on the right side of the Windows 12 interface?

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Will it be Windows 11.2?

Either 24H2 will be the internal codename for what will become Windows 12, or The Verge will get its wish and Windows 11.2 will launch next year, with or without an upgraded UI, in the form of Moment 5.

However, PC sales are expected to increase by about eight percent and AI and ARM machines are the driving force behind this. For many, ARM and AI support would be enough for Microsoft to mention the new Windows for Windows 12, among other things to boost sales of new devices, but this points in a different direction. what do you think?

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