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All politicians are their bosses Today’s goal is to try to stop global warming. For Norway, this means more electricity.

Widespread means of electricity In a few years, Norway will go from having an excess of power to a power deficit.

What do we do with her? NVE says there are two main solutions; improve energy efficiency And the Develop more renewable energy.

Energy efficiency alone Not enough. Despite this, the solution is dreamed of by many. We avoided encroachment on nature. But it is reasonably clear that we cannot do without building more power additionally. NVE recently said today (9/21-22) on NRK that it’s about both, not one or the other.

Some politicians want Large scale electrification, significant reduction of greenhouse gases, lower electricity prices and no interference with nature. All of them at once. These politicians are standing on the sidelines.

Those who are connected now Reality recognizes that we cannot afford not to develop wind energy on Earth. Our country has good wind resources. As I see it, we are almost obligated to develop onshore wind energy in a world that is constantly demanding more renewable energy. Our large wind resources simply cannot be unused. Onshore wind energy is also a source of renewable energy that can be developed faster.

The first batch as no Apparently waking up, and ready to take charge, is Høgre. Centrally, the party now supports the development of wind energy on Earth. finally!

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So the big question is What does Hogri say locally? Do we have equally locally backed politicians? Will Sunnfjord Høgre dare to make this an important election issue? It would have been respectable. The domestic opposition has been in unison so far.

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