Wind power, Finnmark | NVE will prioritize 11 wind power projects in Finland

Wind power, Finnmark |  NVE will prioritize 11 wind power projects in Finland

The Norwegian Directorate of Water Resources and Energy (NVE) has announced that 11 wind energy proposals in Finland will now be submitted to the first consultation round in September.

NVE has received 26 projects for power generation in Finland by the deadline of 22 April 2024, and has now given initial priority in cooperation with the municipalities concerned. In this, there are 11 wind power projects.

On Monday at 11 am, NVE will hold a digital information session on cases.

NVE also allows submission of application for expansion of Alta Hydropower Station.

– Licensing is more than reality

– Of the 26 notifications received, we are now taking 12 projects to the next stage in the licensing process. Although we've now halved the list, that's still more projects than licensing. This first screening of projects is done to reduce the burden on all parties, Waters and Energy Director Kedil Lund said in a press release.

NVE says the purpose of the first consultation round is to get input on which topics should be explored in more detail in each project. During the consultation round, public meetings and consultative meetings will be held.

– Longer consultation period than usual

The consultation period will include periods where reindeer herders can express themselves based on experience, says NVE's press release.

– We want to ensure that all victims have a good opportunity to express themselves. So we're going to set a longer consultation period than usual, and we'll be offering our own meetings, Lund says.

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Investigation plan in 2025

Upon completion of the investigations, the NVE will develop an investigation plan, which describes the topics to be investigated for each project. These are scheduled to be ready by early next year, with all investigations being carried out by 2025.

NVE insists that only after this work is completed can the actual license applications be prepared.

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