December 1, 2022


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Windows 11 testing is now easier

Windows 11 testing is now easier

Nearly two months after the first publicly available preview of Windows 11 was available, Microsoft has made it easier for those interested to test out the upcoming operating system.

Until last week, you had to install Windows 10 on a physical or virtual PC, and then upgrade it to Windows 11. Now Windows 11 can be installed directly by downloading an ISO file and using it to either create a physical boot media on a DVD or USB device, or directly as a virtual optical drive in a virtual computer.

Product key and TPM

To download an ISO file from Microsoft, you must be a member of Windows Insider. That’s it Relatively tight condition. Then you can download the ISO file from This page. There are many varieties to choose from. The most stable is the beta channel. A prerequisite for installation is that you have a valid product key for a newer version of Windows. tested the installation of Windows 11 Beta in the virtual machine software Virtual Box from Oracle. It worked relatively painlessly, even on a PC that was too old to really meet the new hardware requirements of Windows 11. In other cases, it might be necessary to remove the system requirements that contain the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) ). Describes Ars Technica In this article How can this be done.

To get the latest screen resolution, Virtualbox Guest Add-ons are required to be installed in Windows 11, after the operating system has been installed on the virtual machine. The ISO file can be found with the correct version of these extensions in this group With the associated versions of Virtualbox.

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