Windows and Android should be unified like Mac and iPhone

Windows and Android should be unified like Mac and iPhone

According to WIndows Central sources, Microsoft has abandoned the Surface Duo series.

Gave up after receiving the second generation

The reason is the mixed reception of the second generation.

In this case, it would be understandable: the first generation of such a new concept as the Duo would require improvements, but, unfortunately, the Surface Duo 2 was not entirely to my liking either.

Therefore, Microsoft chose to drop the Surface Duo 3. If we are to believe the information from Windows Central, it was intended to launch a third generation, but that did not happen.

The third generation is equipped with smaller bezels, longer screens, wireless charging, and “other improvements”. The launch is planned for the spring of 2023.

Perhaps it will take the fight against the Samsung Galaxy Fold instead

This is not the same as nothing exciting going on, including the software part:

My sources have also told me that there’s a major software effort being designed in-house to better differentiate future Android hardware offerings from the rest of the competition. The project is called “Perfect Together” and aims to offer an ecosystem experience between Microsoft Android devices and Windows PCs similar to that between iPhones and Macs.

Windows Central

The plan now is to launch a different type of device with a 180-degree hinge and only one screen on the inside as a large surface and one on the outside.

It’s more of a “real” foldable device in the same way as the Galaxy Fold, Vivo X Fold, and Honor Magic Vs.

So far, no details nor a launch window have been leaked. In other words, we are unlikely to see this device this year.

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