Winning giant contracts for clients | Finansavisen

Winning giant contracts for clients |  Finansavisen

– We’re doubling our sales and growing strongly, says Pål Lind, co-founder of InZynk.

InZynk has specialized in winning mega contracts for some of the largest companies in the world.

This is done using a self-developed marketing technology, called “account-based marketing”, and the client list includes international technology, consulting and industry giants.

After a few years of cautious growth, the company doubled its top line last year, to 24 million.

And with a new automated software solution, the plan is rapid growth in new markets.

– Despite the fact that we’re in a recession and many in the industry are shrinking, we’ve increased staff and put in place technology that can take us to the next level, says Lind.

Sharp marketing

InZynk is betting on marketing that will increase the probability of winning bids and contracts worth from a few million to several billion.

The company has developed a platform that makes it possible to conduct communications tailored and directed towards companies with which the client wants to win important agreements.
If you work for a medium or large company, information about InZynk customers will appear in your information flow.

Many people are good at creating a brand, but they don’t position themselves towards their most important target groups. We help clients become more visible and win contracts by giving them a higher success rate in a hit or miss market, he says.

Lind says the reason this form of marketing is necessary is because of structural changes in who makes the decisions.

– Previously, you could go fishing with your boss, shake hands and make a deal, while today communication takes place digitally, with fewer physical acquaintances and points of contact, he says.

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Logistics and technology

Marketing is tailored to each individual customer and will only appear with relevant companies. The InZynk platform uses a separate link across ad exchanges that makes customers visible in national and international media.

We know a lot about how big deals are made and what it takes to win them, says Lind.

Orientation towards self-service

At the same time that the company grew its staff to 15 last year, it developed the solution that Lind believes is the future.

– We are launching a subscription based software solution where customers themselves can come in and sell themselves to their most important potential customers.

The company will sell SaaS technology to many markets internationally.

– We said we will become a pioneer in this field, and this is the solution that opens doors globally, he says.

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