“With Monsen on the wrong track” on NRK – Slakte:

“With Monsen on the wrong track” on NRK – Slakte:

The TV show Lars Monsen (58) has the show now “With Monson on the wrong path” Which airs on NRK 1 in the middle of Gullerica on Fridays.

At the same time, Monsen appeared in commercials for Telenor T-We, which are shown both on television and in cinemas. Monson is not a permanent employee of NRK.

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Media critic Gunnar Bodahl-Johansen reacts fiercely to Monsen’s appearances in commercials, at the same time he has a TV show for NRK.

– It seems like an unacceptable combination of roles. He appears at NRK as Program Director in a setting in which editorial decisions are made. Then he goes out and uses his celebrity status — which he created primarily through NRK — to take part in commercials, says Bodal Johansen. Dagbladet.


– I think this combination is completely unacceptable, and I don’t understand that NRK will soon set foot.

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Campaign State the situation first.

Dagbladet provided the criticism that appeared in the Lars Monsen case in a text message and via NRK, but did not receive a response to our inquiries. NRK states that it does not exist.

– regrettable

On Monday, criticism that emerged in the case was submitted to NRK, but it did not answer Dagbladet’s questions.

NRK Underholdning editor-in-chief Eric Sandberg Ingstad told Kampange that it was “unfortunate” that Monsen was involved in Telenor’s ad, and that he had been in touch with Monson about the matter.

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Lars Monsen is a contractor, not a permanent program manager, at NRK, and according to the current agreement has the opportunity to take on commercial assignments. But we see it as a pity with the ad campaigns in parallel with the posting on NRK1, Engstad tells Campagnay.

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He also says it is unfortunate because participating in the program and advertising for Telenor is a mixture of commercials and posting on NRK.

– Incomprehensible

Bodahl-Johansen believes this may have an impact on NRK’s ​​credibility. He believes that NRK employees, regardless of whether they are permanent employees or in positions on the project, cannot take on commercial assignments.

As an editorial employee, regardless of whether you are a permanent employee or not, you have integrity that must be protected. The sum of this is that one should not affect the independence of the editorial staff by taking on non-editorial duties, says Bodal-Johansen and continues.

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– If there is the impression that NRK employees want to sell themselves to the advertising industry, this affects integrity, credibility and independence.

He describes it as “completely incomprehensible” that NRK has no rules meaning that no employee of the channel can take on commercial duties.

– As long as you sign a contract for NRK, you must comply with the rules that apply to NRK employees, says Bodahl-Johansen.

This issue was first published in Dagbladet

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