Witness in the case of Birgit Tunes: – He had a secret room with women’s clothes

Witness in the case of Birgit Tunes: - He had a secret room with women's clothes

The police are still intensively working on the investigation into the murder of Birgit Tenges, as a man in his fifties has been charged. In June, the man and his lawyers asked the police to conduct new investigations in connection with the murder. The investigation is now completed, and Dagbladet is informed by the police.

When these investigations are complete, it appears that the investigation into the 1995 murder will be over.

the purpose: Author Erlind Fravjord points out several details that make the man in his fifties very interesting to the police in Tina’s case. Video: Dagbladet TV. Program Director: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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– The recommendation will be sent to the public prosecutor as soon as it is ready, and this is of course a priority for the police, says Frederic Soma, the prosecutor in charge of the case.

On Wednesday, Dagbladet was able to say that the man is also accused of killing Tina Jorgensen in Stavanger in 2000. A murder in which he until recently had the status of suspect.

Accused of killing Tina and Tina

secret room

Police lawyer Soma asserts that the police have adopted secret investigations as part of the new work. However, he keeps his papers close to his chest when it comes to the details of investigations.

– We will not comment on this further, neither the temporal aspect nor other details of the covert investigation, Soma says.

According to Dagbladet’s information, the secret investigation should have been going on over a long period, and it began in July 2019. One of the arguments of the police, when they went to court and obtained permission to conduct a secret search, should be the explanation of one of the witnesses in the case.

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According to Dagbladet’s information, the witness told the police, among other things, that the accused in his fifties had a secret room in the house he had previously lived in. The room should be used for storing women’s clothing.

11 new samples may solve the mystery

11 new samples may solve the mystery

Remain silent about the details

Dagbladet also realizes that no such room or anything similar was found when the current man’s home was searched. The police don’t want to say anything about the information – not about the witness statement, the secret investigation, or any findings.

– We don’t want to go into such details now, Soma says.

The man’s defender, attorney Stian Christensen, also does not want to comment on Dagbladet’s information about what the witness is supposed to have explained.

The accused in the Tina case: The person accused of killing Birgit Injs is now also charged with the murder of Tina Jorgensen in Stavanger in 2000. Video: Dagbladet TV. Program Leader: Håvard TL Knutsen.
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Convicted of stealing women’s clothing

Women’s clothing was once a major topic in the accused man’s life – including his criminal history. According to a previous ruling, the man in his 50s was convicted of breaking into two different women. In both cases, he stole different shoes, pictures, and clothes.

He was also convicted of stealing clothes and shoes from four other women. The thefts for which he was convicted occurred from 2001 to 2004.

According to one of the man’s former judges, he explained the following about clothes: “When he is alone as he has been for long periods over the years, he gets a kind of sexual conflagration from the acquisition of shoes and other things belonging to women . . . ”

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