Wolf shot in Lilleström – euthanized on the spot

Wolf shot in Lilleström – euthanized on the spot

What the motorist first thought was a deer turned out to be a wolf.

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– We received a report that someone ran over a deer. We alerted the game warden who went out and confirmed that a game had been attacked, says Lisbeth Mjosund, operations manager at the Eastern Police District. Romerikes Blad.

– Accidental stretching

The collision happened at 07.10am on Monday morning in Blaker in Lillestrom municipality.

The operations manager of the fall sports team in the municipality, Ole Johnny Delerud, says they followed all the usual procedures surrounding the clash.

– This is the stretch most prone to wildlife collisions, Delerud tells VG.

In addition, it was dark when the collision occurred, leading to confusion about the animal’s species.

It wasn’t until they arrived on the scene that the fall game team realized it was a wolf, not a deer.

Solved quickly

The police and the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate decided that the wolf should be euthanized.

– I guess the matter was settled within five minutes. As for the experience, it would have been dead if it had been left there five more minutes, says Delerud.

The Norwegian Nature Inspectorate is on the scene to investigate the wolf and is taking up the case. Their samples reveal more information about the wolf.

– There were short sufferings. All credit goes to the notification system, says Delerud.

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