Women in particular will benefit from it

Women in particular will benefit from it

It's a sad fact that women are alert when walking alone at night, but knowing this feature can help protect you in dangerous situations.

A TikTok user who appeared on a recent podcast episode revealed the little-known feature that instantly connects people to emergency services and your emergency contacts.

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“I just showed some people in my life who didn't know this, that you have to press the side button on your iPhone five times,” she said.

You can see at the bottom of this article where the side button on the iPhone is…

Heres how to do it

But when the presenter said she knew nothing about the phone feature, the social media influencer explained: “I'm always afraid of being kidnapped and I talk about that throughout the episode, but getting kidnapped is my biggest fear. So if you have an iPhone and you tap the side button five times , it will go to the emergency system, and if you do not press Cancel, the emergency services will be automatically contacted.

iPhone users must quickly press the side button at the top of the phone five times to access the emergency call feature.

This feature calls 112 and shares your location with emergency services and contacts.

Apple announced an emergency calling feature last year that allows iPhone 14 users to send text messages in emergency situations without connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Crazy stories from users

In the comments section, some people revealed that they would accidentally press the iPhone's side button unintentionally, especially when trying to turn off alarms in the morning.

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“I did when I tried to turn off the alarm once and yes the police got a call and showed up at my parents house at 6am,” one person wrote.

Another added: “I did that when I tried to snooze the alarm.”

Some said that Android devices also have emergency calling feature.

“Android does this too, but it's 3 taps to record audio for about a minute, take quick photos on both front and back cameras, and lock location,” one user wrote.

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