Word of the Year is “Generated by Artificial Intelligence” – smp.no

Word of the Year is “Generated by Artificial Intelligence” – smp.no

– The word is likely to be used more and more as AI is adopted in more fields, says Senior Advisor Dagvin Rüdningen at the Language Council in an article. press release.

The Norwegian translation has already gained a foothold in this country, while neighboring countries use the English abbreviation “AI”, which stands for “artificial intelligence”.

– Good in Norwegian technical terminology

The phrase “AI-generated” was used more often than “AI-generated” in Norwegian texts this year, according to the language council.

Council director Åse Wetås is happy that the Norwegian abbreviation for artificial intelligence is about to establish itself.

– Most technological languages ​​come from English, and many of them will be excluded from the general vocabulary if a professional Norwegian language is not established in this field, she says.

Several words come from war and conflict

Other words considered for this year’s Word of the Year are “animal time”, “billionaire trip”, “multi-crisis”, “dementia”, “green colonialism”, “allergy reader”, “superprocessed”, and “plan laundering”. And “neurodiversity.”

The Word of the Year is chosen by the Language Council in collaboration with Gesel Andersen at the Norwegian School of Economics. He points out that several new words have emerged this year because the news is characterized by war, conflict and economic hardship.

– In these areas, there is already a developed professional language, and the need for new vocabulary is not as great as in new areas, he says.

The word must be viable

In the selection, a computer tool is used, among others, which picks up new words from major national and regional newspapers.

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The criteria for the Word of the Year are that it be relevant to the current year, be applicable, and have good linguistic quality.

Last year, “deflation” was chosen as the word of the year.

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