Work from home – Burnell and Oda break the entrepreneurial code – NRK Nordland

Work from home - Burnell and Oda break the entrepreneurial code - NRK Nordland

– We saved some capital, so that we had something to carry on, but then the salary came faster than expected.

From Bodo to Asker. Clients are spread all over Norway.

In just two months, the new goes SoMe . Agency To Pernille Pettersen (26) and Oda Svendgård (24) so ​​things are going well.

– We’ve come to the market. This is something companies lack and do not have enough experience with.

Young entrepreneurs met each other through an online study and found the tune.

Without meeting in real life, they decided to start a company together.

Today they work for Teams and live in two different cities.

Pernell Petersen is the Managing Director of SoMe Kræm AS. Together with co-founder Oda Svendgård, they are off to a great start.

Photo: Andreas Trigstad/NRK

direction after corona

According to numbers from SSB is more common than before to start joint stock companies among the highly educated.

There were 12 percent more people and companies who were entrepreneurs in 2021 compared to 2019, the year before the pandemic.

Trine Larsen, of recruiting and consulting firm Hammer & Hanborg, is now seeing a boom in people wanting to start themselves.

– It seems to be a current trend now.

Trine Larsen, Senior Advisor to Hammer & Hanborg

Trine Larsen is a Senior Consultant at Hammer & Hanborg and works in the recruitment industry.

Photo: Corinne Alice N. Skau

She suspects there may be a post-halo effect. There is one reason in particular why people want to start with themselves.

– More flexibility. You want to work more on some days and less on others, or combine work and travel. For example, being able to sit in another country for work.

Larsen says that more and more people also want to navigate working life according to their own values. They will work with a clear conscience.

She gave an example:

– That day, I had a counselor who turned down an assignment because she was a vegetarian. It did not match the employer who wanted the skills specified by the employer.

Not having a role model

Pernille and Oda are off to a great start.

– We’ve come to a point where we have to put the handbrake on. Svendgaard says the journey we’ve taken so far has been quite wild.

They have daily meetings, both digitally and physically, with companies that need help becoming visible on social media.

But it wasn’t a given that things would go well.

We lack female role models in entrepreneurship. In the future, we want to be the one who can show that you can simply care. Dare to bet. Svendgård says it’s important for us ladies to come together and support each other.

Today, they are happy to have taken the leap, and have seen great benefits from their flexible working days.

We talked about going away for a week together to a nice place, getting work done and whatever we needed to do, says Svendgård.

Entrepreneurs are advised to contact them

Ingrid Sommerly is a senior advisor at Kunnskapsparken Bodø. There she helps, among other things, in business development and start-ups.

We need more new companies, we need innovation and development for Norway to have a competitive working life.

She has one clear piece of advice for those who go in with an entrepreneur on their stomach.

– There are many good helpers. It is therefore important to talk about your idea and contact either the municipality, incubators or Innovation Norway.

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