Work with us – Red Bishop and Diocesan Council

Work with us – Red Bishop and Diocesan Council

Great work communities and exciting tasks await you. We now have openings as a Human Resources Consultant for 130 employees, and a temporary position as Vicar or Lay Chaplain for someone training to become a priest.

The staff at the Hamar Diocese Office would like to welcome the Human Resources Consultant to the team.  Photography: Himar Parish Council

The staff at the Hamar Diocese Office would like to welcome the Human Resources Consultant to the team. Photography: Himar Parish Council

In Hamar Parish you will find cute little towns, great outdoor areas, strong grassroots church support and lively villages. We have a room for you. Visit us before you apply!

room for you

Ceiling height is the trademark of Hamar Parish. There is a long tradition here of innovative thinking, tolerance and engagement with people. Norway's first female priest, Ingrid Perkas, was ordained in Hamar in 1961. Rosemary Cohn was appointed Norway's first female bishop in 1993, and this was also the first time a priest had entered into a partnership, without losing her job.

When same-sex weddings were allowed, the first couple came out, also in Hamar Parish. In Eidskog Church, two men gave each other their yeses, one minute after midnight on February 1, 2017. The church's first name change ceremony for transgender people was also held in the Diocese of Hamar when Elin Stellingen got her female name. It happened at Hof Church in Ostry Totten, on June 25, 2021.

Kjell Frølich Benjaminsen and Erik Skjelnæs remained The first gay couple to marry in a church in Norway. Photo: Jens H. Haugen, Glamdalen

..We want to be a church that “takes people’s longings and needs seriously,” and “focuses on the God of life and love.”

From Hamar Parish Council's 'People's Church Strategy'.


We now have positions available, both for you as a priest and for those who are receiving education with the aim of becoming a priest. In addition, we have an attractive position in management with great responsibilities for the staff. Do not hesitate to visit before applying! A warm welcome to us in Hamar

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with Application deadline June 30:

HR Consultant In administration in the Diocese of Hamar. Here you will be part of the Human Resources department responsible for supporting the Bishop, Diocesan Director and Dean in the work of caring for the priestly ministry in the Diocese of Hamar. The tasks are varied in a company of approximately 130 employees. Welcome to a pleasant work environment in historic surroundings where you have largely control over your working hours.

Priest in training (PU position) in Sør Østerdal. This is a great opportunity for those of you who want to study while working. In scenic surroundings, and with good support from staff and the community, you can pursue a career as a priest throughout your studies.

It included two positions. Application deadline August 18:

Parish Priest of Al-Feddal. Here you will experience an active cultural life, and sports stand strong with proud traditions. There is good cooperation between the school and the church, among other things, in the pilgrimage trip for the third to fourth grades. Cooperation is also good with the volunteer center and with the collective life. There is one church and one parish. Setermes in the summer and co-operate in services in the Egnund Church with the parish priest of the neighboring municipality.

Parish priest of Tolga With the parishes of Tolga, Fingelen, Hödalen and Höldalen. This is the position for you who thrive in a rural community with clear and transparent terms. Here there is a diversity of multicultural society, a strong and robust agricultural industry, an active cultural life and a good growth environment. If that's not enough, there are great outdoor opportunities in the mountains, forest landscapes and open cultural landscapes.

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If you don't like any of the jobs, please feel free to contact us anyway. Our HR Manager, Ellie, will have an overview of the jobs that will become available. We also have temporary employees who may always be relevant.

Here you will find an overview of available church-related jobs in municipalities.

If you're wondering where you'd like to apply for a job, you're welcome to stop by before applying. We cover the travel bill. (This applies to positions of priests and positions of counselors in the diocesan office)

Lists of applicants for positions for which the deadline has passed will be sent upon request.

Ellie Christine Sjoli Ålesund began her work on 1 August 2023. She will be the parish priest for the communities in Brandbo and Bjöneroa in Hadeland and Land Brøste.

Read more about Elle Christine here

Eli-Kristin Sjøli Ulsund will hold an outdoor mass in Grønvold sag and Mølle in 2022. Photo: Bjørn Anders Ulsund

Sjøli Ulsund was given the so-called position of PPU (priest in training).

Priest in education

This is the position for you if you want to become a priest and want to work while you study. You will have four years to complete the education. During this period you will work 60% as a priest and study 40%. Once completed, you will typically have a two-year commitment period. The offer is being made as part of the Priest Under Education (PUU) employment scheme read more about it here

We currently have no jobs advertised at PUU.

If you are appointed a priest in the Diocese of Hamar, you should contact your local dean.

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For anyone else who wants to be ordained a priest, cantor, deacon or catechist, you can apply digitally through our secure email service.

In the address field write: To the Bishop's Office – Application for Ordination

For most people

The Diocese of Hamar includes two counties, the entire Inlandet and one parish in Viken.

Here we have a vision: Sacred spaces of ordinary life.

The vision expresses so much of the life of the Church: that sacred spaces, whether spaces of the Church, spaces between people or spaces in a person's life, are for ordinary life.

Sacred spaces for ordinary life

The Folkekirka in Hamar Diocese will convey the God of life, love and challenge to action, give dignity and hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be present where people are.

Welcome us!

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