World Cup Qualifiers, England | Complete chaos in the stands at the England match:

World Cup Qualifiers, England |  Complete chaos in the stands at the England match:

Hungarian fans barked with security guards in the stands at the England-Hungary match.

England – Hungary 1-1:

England suffered a surprising point loss at home to Hungary on Tuesday night when they played 1-1 against Hungary. But it wasn’t what happened on the pitch that was the focus of this match.

With less than five minutes of play in the World Cup qualifiers, Hungarian fans are said to be starting to make noise in the stands. Several English media reports.

Hungarian supporters are said to have barked with security guards at Wembley. The police were said to have quickly arrived at the scene in an attempt to calm Hungary’s supporters and bring the situation under control. The accident must have happened for several minutes.

– really awful

In the videos and photos from the incident, you can see that the police are beating Hungarian fans with batons in an attempt to gain control.

– That’s really terrible. The guards seem to be turned away, and dozens of Hungarian supporters seem to force them back. They are outnumbered. John Murray told the BBC that it is difficult to watch the match when we see these disturbing scenes.

According to famous BBC journalist Phil McNulty, Hungarian fans also bowed to the English players when they got on their knees before the match. Soon, riots began in the stands.

Pictures from Wembley got more people interacting. Football expert Stan Collymore believes it is time to ban Hungary.

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Hungary exception. immediately. The gods know how the Ultras got tickets in London. A symptom of Hungary’s disgusting right-wing nationalism, he wrote on Twitter.

The Daily Mail wrote that the riots subsided about twelve minutes into the match.

There was a problem after the arrest

Police in London issued this statement about the incident. They say the riots began after the arrest of a Hungarian spectator.

Shortly after the start of the match, police officers entered the stands to arrest a spectator for a general racial offense in relation to comments made to the security guard. When the officers made the arrest, a minor disturbance erupted in which other onlookers took part. According to the BBC, control was quickly restored, and there have been no further incidents at this point.

The English Football Association announced that it will report the incident to FIFA.

– We are aware of an incident in the far division during tonight’s World Cup qualifiers at Wembley Stadium. They wrote in a statement that we will investigate and report the incident to FIFA.

This is not the first time that Hungary’s supporters have stirred controversy.

In September, Hungary was fined nearly £160,000 and ordered to play behind closed doors after two English players were subjected to racist behavior when the two teams last met in Budapest.

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Also during the European Championship finals this summer, Hungarian fans drew attention with racist shouts during several matches.

Losing points for England

England were of course a big favorite against Hungary at home at Wembley on Tuesday night, but Gareth Southgate’s men had to win by one point against the Hungarians.

It was the away team that got off to the best start, scoring from a penalty kick 24 minutes into play. Luke Shaw appeared near the post and led it away from the goalkeeper.

The penalty kick put Roland Sly safely in the goal.

Eight minutes before the break, England responded. John Stones put Phil Foden’s post safely into the goal.

England pressed in the second half to score the winning goal, but Hungary fought back and finished 1-1 at Wembley.

Losing points is still not a big deal for England. Southgate’s men lead the group, three points behind Poland, with two games remaining.

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