Writer Kjell Askelsen is dead

Writer Kjell Askelsen is dead

Author Kjell Askildsen died Thursday, at the age of 91, according to VG.

Publisher Ingeri Engelstad says in October publishing Newspaper That Askelsen passed away peacefully Thursday night with his wife Gina Gertsen at his side.

He died a week before he turned 92.

“He set his own standards for the short story and the art of prose, a great loss for Norwegian literature and the departure of Voorlaget in October,” says Engelstad.

Kjell Askildsen, who grew up in Mandal, was known for his sober and simple style. He debuted in 1953 with the short story collection “Then I Follow You All the Way Home”, but is perhaps best known for “Thomas F.’s Last Notes to the Audience” from 1983.

award winning

He has received numerous awards, among them the Brage Honorary Award, the Aschehoug Award, the Dobloug Award, and the Critics’ Award – and is considered by many to be Norway’s best short story writer.

Askelsen has also written novels, including the short novel Ocean (1969), which has also been made into a movie.

He published his latest book (The Friendship Award) at the age of 86 in 2015.

Kjell Askelsen’s books have been translated into more than 30 languages.

The last point is correct

Culture Minister Abed Raja (fifth) writes Twitter We have now lost one of our greatest writers.

“The short story professor Kjell Askelsen passed away yesterday, and with this phrase the last sentence is put into a very unique composition that has delighted readers in Norway and many other countries since its first appearance in 1953,” wrote Raja.

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Friend and colleague Dag Solstad describes Askildsen as undisputed, and says Askildsen could also mean a lot to the development of Norwegian prose.

– If you look at the author schools in this country, it’s clear that Kjell had a great influence, says Solstad our country.

Hemingway and Kafka

Askildsen has been welcomed by readers, critics, and fellow writers over the years.

Among other things, Lynn Ullman stated: “There are good authors in Norway and a few who are very good – and then there’s Gilles Askelsen. For me, he’s standing in a class of his own. He’s been called “the author of the authors”, and I think that’s his shorthand. He is first and foremost the author of the readers »

The major Spanish newspaper El Pais writes, among other things, that Askelsen can be compared to the style of Hemingway and Carver, Kafka, Beckett and Camus in its content.

Small but powerful production

Askildsen was a picky writer with a small but powerful production.

Today Askildsen’s short story art is appreciated in Norway and in many other countries as works of art about how people live together, how they endure when something goes wrong, or in ordinary everyday life.

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