WWDC 2022 – Your iPhone is now new

WWDC 2022 - Your iPhone is now new

Next Monday, the second day of Pentecost in this country, Apple’s annual developer conference, the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), will kick off. The conference opens with a so-called “keynote”, where the company will announce updates and new products.

Since WWDC is a developer conference, there is a strong focus on soft news. Every year, Apple unveils the next major version of iOS. Now iOS 16 is waiting.

Bloomberg journalist and Apple expert Mark Gorman Claims iOS 16 will be a “very important upgrade”.

It will be packed with changes across the operating system, including updates for alerts, multitasking on the iPad, messaging apps, and health. The fix also addresses a part of the interface that is often forgotten: the lock screen, writes Gurman.

Can reveal iPhone 14 news

The journalist claims that Apple is coming with improvements to the lock screen, such as wallpapers with features similar to widgets.

“I’m also told that iOS 16 will come with future support for the always-on lock screen,” he writes.

According to Gurman’s sources, this will be an exclusive novelty for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models, which are expected to be launched this fall. This is a feature we know from both the Apple Watch and many Android models that allows you to see the time, date, and alerts without waking up the screen.

As for the news in the Messages app, this should be about some new social features with improvements to voice messaging. The health app is expected to expand sleep tracking functionality as well as medication management.

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More software

In conjunction with iOS 16, new versions of watchOS, macOS, and tvOS were also released. There are a few rumors about what will be new here.

Usually, the Apple smartwatch gets a bunch of new health-related features as well as new faces. A Bloomberg journalist says we can expect major improvements related to daily use and navigation as well as changes around dials and the introduction of a new Low Power mode.

New Macs

On the occasion of a new release of macOS, a new and more powerful M2 chip is rumored to come, after a year and a half M1 appeared.

This means that new Macs may be on the way. MacBook Air is ready to upgrade. Apple also promised to introduce a Mac Pro with an M chip.

Virtual reality glasses?

There have always been rumors that Apple would release virtual/augmented reality glasses. Apple’s board recently had to test it, according to the edge Historically, this often occurred shortly before it was introduced to consumers.

Experts believe that if a company doesn’t give a full product demo, it can at least offer a sneak peek. Some believe that Apple has already done so in a photo of the event, as believes The Verge. See for yourself:

Hint: people are happy to speculate on Apple.  Is the company hinting at upcoming virtual reality glasses?  Photo: Apple

Hint: people are happy to speculate on Apple. Is the company hinting at upcoming virtual reality glasses? Photo: Apple
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