WWDC 2024 – We think Apple will release this

WWDC 2024 – We think Apple will release this

Apple's annual developers conference kicks off on Monday evening. At 19 o'clock Norway time, the opening keynote will be held, where Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to showcase new products.

WWDC is a developer conference where most of it revolves around software, but sometimes they also show off new hardware. Last year, for example, Vision Pro glasses debuted.

In this article, we take a look at what Apple is expected to launch at this year's WWDC.

– Boiling

He called it “Apple intelligence.”

This year, Apple is under a lot of pressure when it comes to showing off what it's doing with artificial intelligence. Last year, competitors like Google and Microsoft got off to a strong start in their investments in AI.

The largest in 25 years

The largest in 25 years

However, Apple is rarely the first to market with new things, instead it likes to spend time getting products that are absolutely perfect. It remains to be seen if that's the case this time, but AI is expected to be a focus at the developer conference, including a major upgrade to Siri.

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg's usually knowledgeable journalist Claims The name of the artificial intelligence system will aptly be “Apple Intelligence” (AI).

This comes within the new versions of the program for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the rest of the company’s tools.

Apple is said to be taking a cautious approach by making the AI ​​functions called “opt-in,” meaning users don't have to use them if they don't want to.

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ChatGPT can be obtained

Some of the AI ​​features rumored to be coming include transcription of audio recordings, automatic responses to emails and text messages, and summaries of incoming notifications. In addition, it will be possible to create emojis and edit photos using artificial intelligence.

the information Recently announced that Apple has entered into an agreement with OpenAI. A type of chatbot similar to ChatGPT is now on its way to Apple devices, Bloomberg writes.

- The worst product I have tried

– The worst product I have tried

iOS 18 and more

In addition to the AI ​​news, a number of other news related to Apple software are also expected to appear. Apple will give us our first look at iOS 18, iPadOS18, macOS 15, watchOS 11, and possibly VisionOS 2.

  • according to the edge Apple will finally support the new RCS standard for text messaging. This means there will soon be an end to blue and green text bubbles depending on whether you're texting someone on an iPhone or Android.
  • MacRumors He writes that in iOS 18 it will finally be possible to place apps anywhere on the home screen – just like in Android.
  • Apple is expected to release new or improved versions of its apps. according to Apple insider The Calculator app may finally be available on iPad. Bloomberg He writes that Apple comes with a dedicated password app, and on the X He writes Mark Gurman says the Settings app will get a redesign.

“Nobody” wants Apple Glasses

New Macs, AirPods Max 2?

According to rumours, it's looking bleak for new devices at Apple's developer conference. The iPhone 16 isn't expected until the fall.

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The AirPods Max, which launched in 2020, are already ready for an upgrade, but Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says that won't arrive until later this year.

Last month, Apple surprised many by launching new iPad Pro and iPad Air models with a brand new M4 chip. If you've been waiting for the M4 MacBook Pro, you might also have to be patient.

Some believe we'll finally get international launch dates for the Vision Pro glasses. And who lives, and so on.

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