X-rays revealed a hidden self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh

X-rays revealed a hidden self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh

Suddenly, the conservatives came face-to-face with Vincent Van Gogh. X-rays of another panel revealed a sensation.

An unknown self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh was discovered under cardboard and glue when the painting “The Head of a Peasant Woman” was x-rayed.

An unknown avatar is hidden on the back of the screen. The discovery was made when the painting “The Farmer’s Head” was x-rayed before the exhibition. This was stated by the National Galleries of Scotland in a press release on 14 July.

The public will see this exciting discovery in Edinburgh this summer. With a custom-made light box, the image is on display at the “A Taste of Impressionism” exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy from 30 July to 13 November.

Vincent van Gogh’s painting “A Peasant’s Head” from 1885 hides a secret.

Fabric used on both sides

The self-portrait has been hidden for over a hundred years behind layers of glue and cardboard. Art experts believe the ensembles were placed before a gallery in the early 1900s. Van Gogh often used his paintings many times to save money. Instead of drawing, flip the fabric over and use the back.

Principal curator Leslie Stevenson looks at the “head of a peasant woman” next to the X-ray of a hidden self-portrait of Van Gogh.

It should now be possible to remove the glue and cardboard covering the image. The recovery process will likely be difficult. Therefore, one examines how the self-portrait can be taken out without damaging the “farmer’s head”.

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For now, the scientist must look at the newly discovered painting through ghostly X-rays. Show a man with a beard. He has a wide-brimmed hat and a baggy scarf. The look is intense and staring. The right side of the face is in the shade. The left ear is still intact and clearly visible. The painter cut off his ear in 1889.

Curator Frances Fowle looks at Vincent van Gogh’s Head of a Peasant Woman.

– Incredible gift

Frances Fawell is Senior Curator of French Art at the National Galleries of Scotland. She described the discovery as “a wonderful gift for Scotland”.

She says moments like this are very rare.

– We discovered a little-known work by Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most important and most famous international artists.

Many of these self-portraits and other works by Van Gogh have previously been found on the reverse. They are in museums around the world.

Selfie is hidden behind glue and cardboard.

Self-portrait status unknown. If it could be taken out, it would be able to shed new light on the mysterious and seductive artist.

The picture was probably painted when he moved to Paris in 1886. He was heavily influenced by the French Impressionists and turned to bright and strong colours. The self-portrait was probably painted at this important time in Van Gogh’s career.

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