Xpeng G9 – This car will change the rules of the game

Xpeng G9 - This car will change the rules of the game

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(Elbil24): The electric car brand Xpeng is currently in Norway with the P7 and G3i models, but there is no talk of a huge volume of cars at the moment.

When the next paradigm arrives, most things can change. The G9 is a large electric SUV in the luxury segment, with specifications that should appeal to a discerning Norwegian audience, says Xpeng Motors Norway’s director of public relations, Knut Arne Marcussen.

– game changer

– In China, the G9 is already being referred to as a game-changer with, among other things, extremely high charging speed and a high level of autonomous driving, he tells Elbil24.

The car was launched on the Chinese market at the end of September, but already in August, interested buyers can book the car. This resulted in 23,000 reservations in the first 24 hours, according to the car manufacturer itself.

Especially with the charging speed which has received a lot of attention. The Chinese version of G9 supports 800V charging and a maximum charging power of 480KW. That’s nearly twice as fast as the faster competitors.

Under optimal conditions, one should get 200 km of new range after charging for just five minutes, according to Xpeng.

The “Norwegian” car is on the road

For now, the fastest lightning chargers here at home deliver a maximum of 350-360 kW at most, and Markusen won’t confirm that “Norwegian” versions of the G9 will support fast charging to the same extent. Nor will it say anything about whether other adjustments will be made.

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It’s a little early to say anything concrete about the specifications of the cars that will be coming to Norway, but we’re sure this will be a car that’s well suited for the Norwegian market, says Markusen.

Markusen confirms that the first car is now on its way to Norway. This is already a pre-production version, which will be shown to the Norwegian press, among other things. Elbil24 is promised a review of this car later this fall.

Markusen pledges that it is not currently clear when the first customer cars will arrive in the country, but there will be more information soon.

Large and spacious SUVs

The G9 is about 4.9 meters long, 1.93 meters wide, 1.67 meters tall, and has a wheelbase of 3 metres. The luggage compartment is large, with a capacity of 660 liters. And under the hood there is a relatively large storage box with a capacity of 71 liters. The car must also be able to tow a trailer up to 1,500 kilograms.

Performance is also nothing to complain about. The all-four-wheel version sprints from 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

Then we will see if there will be any changes in the specifications of the cars that come here to Norway. We will come back to that.

The following is the data of mined cars in the Chinese market:

Technical information Xpeng G9 RWD Standard Xpeng G9 RWD Long Range Xpeng G9 (All-wheel drive performance)
Length 4.891 mm 4.891 mm 4.891 mm
Show 1.937 mm 1.937 mm 1.937 mm
to rise 1680 mm 1680 mm 1680 mm
wheelbase 2.998 mm 2.998 mm 2.998 mm
Luggage space 660 liters 660 liters 660 liters
Luggage space included
folded rear seats
1.576 liters 1.576 liters 1.576 liters
frank 71 liters 71 liters 71 liters
Tire dimensions 255/55R19 or 255/45R21 255/45R21 255/45R21
beam shift 11.8 m 11.8 m 11.8 m
overall performance 230 kW / 308 hp 230 kW / 308 hp 405 kW / 543 hp
torque 430 N 430 N 717 N
0-100 km/h 6.4 seconds 6.4 seconds 3.9 seconds
maximum speed 200 km/h 200 km/h 200 km/h
Batteries tray 78.2 kWh LFP 98 kWh Li-ion NMC 98 kWh Li-ion NMC
Scope (Chinese CLTC) 570 km 702 km 650 km
NB! These are specifications for the Chinese market. The Norwegian specification has not yet been published. Sources: Xpeng and Autohome
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