Xpeng Mona M03 Launched: Say Hello to Mona: Hence the name is a tribute to its rival Tesla

Xpeng Mona M03 Launched: Say Hello to Mona: Hence the name is a tribute to its rival Tesla

(Al-Bil24): Xpeng has unveiled the first model in its new series of models called Mona. For a long time, it was rumored that Mona would become an independent brand for electric cars produced by Xpeng, but now it has finally been confirmed that Mona models will carry the Xpeng logo.

The first model in the Mona series is the M03 sedan. In fact, the name is a tribute to Tesla and its Model 3, writes Chinese car news.

The Model 3 has set the standard for this type of electric vehicle over the past five or six years and it's clear that Xpeng – like many others – is looking to Tesla in developing its own models.

From NOK 436,000: Offers a range of over 60 miles

From NOK 436,000: Offers a range of over 60 miles

artificial intelligence

But Mona's name has nothing to do with the American electric car manufacturer.

Mona stands for “Made of new AI” and Xpeng CEO He Xioapeng explains the idea behind the name this way:

While the last decade was all about new energy, the next decade will be all about AI. By the way, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which can be translated as Artificial Intelligence.

Large luggage compartment

The new Xpeng Mona M03 measures 4.78 meters long, which is six centimeters longer than the aforementioned Model 3. Since Xpeng himself is referring to Tesla's cheapest model, we can take a closer look at the dimensions.

The cars are actually exactly the same height (1445mm), but it's a bit difficult to compare the widths of the cars because it's not specified whether the M03 is 1896mm wide, including mirrors or not. The Model 3 is 2088mm wide anyway, including mirrors, and 1850mm wide, excluding mirrors.

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Although the Mona M03 is 6 cm longer than its American rival, it is the Model 3 that has the longest wheelbase at 287.5 cm versus 281.5 cm.

While Tesla prioritized slightly better interior space, Xpeng has made arrangements for a larger luggage compartment in the Mona M03. The car is said to have 621 liters of space behind the rear seats, which is an impressive amount. For comparison, you can fill the Model 3’s trunk with 561 liters.

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BYD Batteries

During the Mona M03 reveal, only the exterior was shown. However, Fast Technology reports that the model will come without a dashboard, but with a large infotainment screen above the center console. Furthermore, the M03 will come with a two-spoke steering wheel and an entertainment screen option at the rear.

The Mona M03 comes with BYD Blade batteries. According to CarNewsChina, you can choose between a 140 or 160 kW electric motor, while the top speed is 155 km/h.

Ranges of 515 and 620 kilometres respectively have also been written about, but this is likely according to the more optimistic CLTC method rather than WLTP.

One important factor for long range is good aerodynamics. According to Xpeng, there is no car in the world with a lower drag coefficient than the Mona M03. The model must have undergone 10 wind tunnel tests, each lasting more than 100 hours. Xpeng is said to have managed to reduce air resistance by 0.085 Cd, giving a range increase of 60 kilometers.

This is the first official image, but the name is confusing.

This is the first official image, but the name is confusing.

With a final drag coefficient of 0.194 Cd., outperforming the Lucid Air Grand Touring by 0.003 Cd., it’s at the top of the aerodynamics charts.

According to Xpeng himself, the Mona M03 is a “beautiful car for young people.” With low prices, the goal is to attract many customers. In China, the car will be priced at less than 200,000 yuan, which is equivalent to 290,000 Norwegian kroner at today’s exchange rate.

It remains to be seen whether the car will find its way to Norway at all. Xpeng Norge has yet to comment on the Mona M03.

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