May 29, 2023


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Xpeng P5 and G3i: New Store Opened in Norway

Xpeng P5 and G3i: New Store Opened in Norway

Xpeng has been on the market in Norway for quite some time already. But investment in the Chinese electric car brand is now increasing. They started with the G3 crossover – then followed up with the P7 sedan and the specialty P7 Wing Edition.

Now they continue to work with two new models – and the opening of what they call a flagship store in Purvika, in the center of Oslo.

The two new cars that were revealed during the opening of the new store are the G3i and the P5. The former is a revamp of the G3 – while the P5 is an entirely new model.

Range 465 km

The P5 is the company’s first model to be offered in four European markets – Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

It’s a mid-size family sedan, equipped with Xpeng driver assistance system, Xpilot 2.5, and Xmart OS.

The car can be upgraded wirelessly throughout its life. It features a slim, aerodynamic design and a large panoramic glass roof. The range is up to 465 kilometers measured according to WLTP, and the battery is 66 kW.

– The launch of the P5 is a testament to our investment in Norway and Europe. It brings a number of jobs to a new customer base in Europe, a market in which we are building as a long-term player, says CEO Claes Persson at Xpeng Motors Norway.

New car brand: Norway gets its first store in the world

This is what the new Xpeng G3i looks like.


With Xmart OS, you can control all functions in the cockpit, and there’s a 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel as well as a 15.6-inch high-resolution center display.

The voice control of the car is able to distinguish the position of the driver and passenger.

The P5 comes with heated leather seats, Xfreebreath intelligent air purification, noise reduction technology and an advanced surround sound system.

The newcomer has 26 storage compartments and a luggage compartment of 450 liters, with access to another 70 liters under the hood.

This is where the first Xpeng cars come to the beach in Norway

The new models are so far only available for a test drive at the new store in Purvika in Oslo.

The new models are so far only available for a test drive at the new store in Purvika in Oslo.

open to order

The G3i has received a subtle design tweak and will be available in the new Coral Green colour. It also gets a number of new features to improve the customer’s navigation experience, including emergency lane-keeping (ELK) and lane-keeping assistance (LKA) technologies.

It is open to order for both the P5 and the G3i. The latter can be delivered immediately in a limited number.

Plane or limousine? Yes thank you – both!

Advanced Voice Control

The P5 and G3i both provide entertainment and access to important information via Xmart OS on the 15.6-inch center console and 12.3-inch digital dashboard. A number of apps are available in the app library, including Spotify, DAB Radio, Smart Nav, and additional camera apps.

In addition, the “Hey Xpeng” voice assistant provides a new way to communicate with the vehicle.

The voice assistant is enabled to discover which seat a command is coming from, and can perform a variety of tasks, including opening and closing individual windows, adjusting the vehicle’s climate, changing driving mode and much more.

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