– Yes, I’m spoiling my career – VG

- Yes, I'm spoiling my career - VG
In Norway: Serge Karjakin was photographed during Norwegian chess in 2021. From now on, there could be a long way to go between invitations to major tournaments abroad.

Sergei Karjakin, 32, admits his chess career may have ended as a result of his strong support for Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine.


So confirms Magnus Carlsen’s statement to VG on Monday. There, the world champion replied “I doubt it” when asked if he thought Karjakin could return to the next level.

The Norwegian also stated that he was unsure whether expelling the Russian was the right thing – because Karjakin does what he wants – to become a “martyr” of what he portrays as the “sanctions tyranny” of the West.

On social media, on Tuesday, Karjakin described Carlsen’s statements as “support”, although the Norwegian said that Russia’s statements on the war were in no way acceptable.

– Can’t shut up

The Russian chess star stood up for a major interview with the Russian news channel later on Tuesday Russia – 24.

– Yes, I spoil my career with this. But on the other hand, chess is not my whole life. Anatoly Karpov said that chess is his whole life. But that is not the case for me.

– I’m patriotic. I am a Russian citizen. When there is a difficult situation, I will support my country first and foremost. I could not be silent, says Karjakin in the interview.

– Nobody forced me, nobody asked me, there were crazy people who wrote that I got paid for this – no, of course I don’t get it. Everything was my initiative.

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has resumed

Sergey Karjakin claims to have received thousands of support statements recently, mainly on social media. A look at the comment fields indicates that others have a completely different opinion.

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) decided two weeks ago to ban Karjakin from all tournaments for a period of six months.

The reaction came after the Russian chess player on a number of occasions expressed his support for President Vladimir Putin and the invasion of Ukraine. He went even further in supporting the war. So he wrote Message to President Putin In it, he described Ukraine’s actions in the breakaway republics of Luhansk and Donbass as “genocide”, and hoped that the people there could be “liberated”.

On Tuesday, he promised to head to the Donbass River once this region in eastern Ukraine was “liberated”. Karjkin appealed the ruling to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

VG’s interview with Magnus Carlsen attracted a lot of attention in Russia on Tuesday. Although the world champion strongly disagrees with Karjakin in everything he thinks about the war, Carlsen is also unsure whether excluding the Russian is the right thing to do.

Closer to the west

Magnus is understood to be closer to the west. But I know that Carlsen is first and foremost an athlete who respects mathematical principles. Karjakin wrote that he loves to win on the board cable.

Carlsen has a suitable sporting position, says well-known politician Dmitry Svishov, while former world chess champion Anatoly Karpov says:

I didn’t expect Magnus to make such a statement.

Magnus Carlsen and Serge Karjacken are of the same age and have met in nearly 100 matches in their football career.

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As a result of the elimination, Karjkin will miss this summer’s “Tournament of Candidates”, where eight men are vying for the right to meet Carlsen in a World Cup match in 2023.

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