– Yes, we are single – Viji

- Yes, we are single - Viji
Trio: Marcus and Martinez are performing with Adelon this year. At home, they are still alone, they say.

Deachman Bijarvica (Viji) This year’s artists are ready for the Viji List 2021. Marcus and Martinez say they have not yet found love.


On Saturday, artists flocked to Oslo’s main library for this year’s Viji list. A good artists are ready Stage tonight.

– We haven’t found our “Belinda” yet, Marcus and Martinez say on the red carpet shortly before it airs.

But they found someone to sing with, and they were on stage with Adelene when they performed their new song “Belinda”. When they were on the VG-list stage for the first time, they were four years younger. They both say they are bad at flirting.

– Yes, we are lonely. Singing is easier said than done, Marcus said, asking fans for help in understanding how to better find a girlfriend.

Artists say a lot of active news is coming to both of them on Instagram. They both miss standing in front of a large audience and waiting to travel to play for fans abroad.

– We are a little “stuck” in Norway, we want to go out and travel, they say.

– I look like an old aunt

– I have a little air in my stomach, otherwise it’s fine, says Wakert Horm.

He’s a little nervous, says Christine Donkey. They are both presenters this year, and together led the VG list in 2019.

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“I look like an old aunt in a relationship,” Emily rolled six dice at Hollow’s dress.

Blank introductions to the VG list. This year he released his debut album, but he has long been a songwriter for artists such as Cheap, Dagney, Emma Steinfaken and Alan Walker.

– I was always on the VG list as a viewer when I was younger, so Halo says I know how much it means to viewers.

See the full VG-list concert and artists on the red carpet here:

Artist Chris Holston missed concerts during the Corona infection.

– I released a lot of music, but couldn’t perform it at concerts, says Holston.

He says he only grows better on stage.

– I have finished writing a part of my first album in Norwegian.

In the first half of 2021, Holston came up with the song “Smile in your own mirror”, which peaked at the top of the playlists of the country’s radio channels.

– A dream

Another newcomer to this year’s VG list is Victoria Nadine.

– This has been a dream since the Viji list was created. This is the first time, we can trust that this is not the last, she smiled.

She admitted that her nerves were fine shortly before she went on stage.

– It’s a little scary, but I’m sure it’s a lot of fun. Finally I will stand on a stage and sing again.

Composers Isah, Dutty Dior and Kamalen were also expected to be back on stage and took to the red carpet with great dedication.

Audiences can expect a good show, which we really look forward to, said Dutty Dior.

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– There will be more separated things, Isa added.

Ahead of the VG list, rappers Ishah and Tooty Dior enlisted the help of a car wrecker and an artist to disassemble a stage-ready car – see results She.

This year is the same as last year Are there changes At the traditional VG-list concert due to corona infection.

Viji List Top 20 is generally Scandinavia’s largest free concert. Before the corona epidemic, it had gathered 100,000 visitors at Rhdhusplassen in Oslo.

Management company of Weckard Harm, Christine Donkey and Marcus & Martinez MaxSocial It is wholly owned by VGTV AS. Viji’s editorial ratings are made independently of this. Editorial staff is free. An overview of bindings for profiles that perform tasks for VG is available She.

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