June 11, 2023


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You almost only see the screen

Bezel, battery life, and zoom all have different times in the iPhone’s history no It was a priority for Apple.

Thin bezels make the screen shine

Frames are a bit of focus, the zoom is a lot less (although it’s advertised that the 15 Pro Max will get a much better optical zoom), and battery life is much better on the Pro Max and sometimes the best in the industry. So the focus is there, but maybe not as much as it should be in the smaller models.

Although the cameras are getting bigger this year, they look a lot less comical now.

9To5Mac has updated CAD drawings of the iPhone 15 Pro

But what about the tires? It is certainly the iPhone 15 Pro that will be the models that many remove for a long time, because they are almost unremarkable. The new CAD drawings also reveal the action button, which is known from the Apple Watch Ultra. This takes over for the volume key.

Enough new this year too?

But back to the frames, it’s not just Ian Zelbo and 9To5Mac that reveal this with graphics. No, we heard in March that the 15 Pro series would have the thinnest bezels on the market and now Zilbo is tweeting “We just received confirmation of the iPhone 15 Pro bezel size and it’s incredible – just look at it!”

The rest of the cars are sourced from “highly reliable” 9To5Mac and reveal for the first time what the programmable motion button (which only comes on this year’s Pro models as a titanium body) will look like. You don’t actually press any of these buttons, but they vibrate like the latest iPhone models with the Home button or the MacBook’s touchpad.

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To top it all off, the design has rounded edges and USB C of course is where it is. This appears to be a bigger upgrade than we feared. Now hopefully, the battery life will improve even more.