June 9, 2023


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You buy Meta for half a billion kroner

You buy Meta for half a billion kroner

On Monday this week, US regional bank Meta Financial Group came out with the news that a company called Beige Key LLC had bought the rights to the company’s name for $60 million. the Reuters reports.

The amount corresponds to about 540 million Norwegian kroner.

A Meta Platforms spokesperson later confirmed that they were behind it, and that it was Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, that bought the brand name.

In October, Facebook published the news that the parent company Renamed Meta Platforms. The tech giant is said to have been in dialogue with the bank before they came out with the name change.

The sum shows how important the name is to Facebook, which aspires to become a leader in everything related to metaverses.


The name change indicates the company’s major investment in what they believe will be the next generation of the Internet. the Recently launched Horizon world For American and Canadian users, where with the help of virtual reality glasses and avatars you can explore and build a virtual world and learn about other avatars.

Meta platforms are not the only ones that will pull you into the virtual world. In the fall digi.no . books that a number of companies, from Russia’s Sensorium to sports brand Nike are on the cusp with their own worlds, and Microsoft will Bring Meta Verse to the meeting every day.

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