You can have the hood in wood

You can have the hood in wood

Imagine you are sitting and driving very fast. Suddenly you see nothing in front of you. This is exactly what can happen if you have a Tesla Model S or Model 3. The hood, or “frunk” as it is often called in Tesla parlance, can open when driving at high speed.

What actually happens is that the air going in under the hood causes this to vibrate. This, in turn, can lead to cracks in the hood lock attachment – which can eventually give way. The result is that the hood can simply bulge out and lie on top of the windshield.

More than 50,000 cars in Norway

The EU’s Rapex (Rapid Alert System for Dangerous Non-Food Products) has reported this.

What it can lead to in the end, one does not need much imagination to understand.

Tesla is in charge. In the United States, 120 thousand cars have already begun to be recalled. In Europe, about 220,000 cars are said to have been damaged.

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Tesla Model 3 is a big seller in Norway. Many owners now have to count on a trip to the workshop to fix the hood lock.

will not hang

The recall applies to the following Tesla Models: Model S, produced between 2014 and 2021 and Model 3 produced between 2017 and 2021. In Norway alone, more than 50,000 vehicles were delivered in the relevant period.

Recalls in the auto industry are common. Most car manufacturers usually always detail and explain how, when, which cars and how many cars were affected by the recall.

But the Norwegian Tesla importer apparently doesn’t think it’s necessary and has the following comment when Broom makes the call:

Thank you for your inquiry. Tesla does not want to comment on this issue.

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On loose security

Regardless: the usual procedure in such cases is to contact the car owners and agree on a time for control and possible repairs.

This is usually done free of charge to the car owner, even if the new car warranty has expired. As this is considered a manufacturing defect and can also continue to be safe. We assume this is the case here as well.

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