You can now get a historical “street image” in Google Maps

You can now get a historical “street image” in Google Maps

It should let you travel back in time on your mobile phone.

This is how the view of the Oslo Opera House has changed over the years.

Google Street View is celebrating 15 years, and Google is rolling out a number of new features. Among other things, you will have the opportunity to look at old Street View photos taken over the years, right on your mobile phone.

This allows you to browse the map where you want to go back in time, wander down the street and look at what the same streets looked like many years ago. The service is already available in the browser version of your PC, and soon it will also work on the Google Maps app on iOS and Android as well.

According to a recent press release from The Google You will be able to experience all the photos they took of the places, dating back to the beginning in 2007.

Street View: Barcode, 2019

Street View: Barcode, 2010

In the press release, Google stated that it is also trying out a new and better 360-degree camera. For now, Google is using dedicated cars or backpacks with a camera, but the new camera will be “the size of a mouse”.

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The compact camera weighs no more than 6.8 kg and fits “everywhere,” according to the company. This in turn, they wrote, would make it easier for them to document remote islands, mountaintops, and the local plaza.

Street View hardware team leader Stephen Silverman stated that the camera’s sensors are also of higher quality, which panoramic photos will benefit from. The seven camera sensors in each camera capture 140MP panoramic views, the same as the previous one. Despite the fact that the camera does not have a lidar sensor as standard, the new camera can be adapted as needed.

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